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Seattle Mariners finally start to sweep opponents.

I have ranted a couple of times in my articles about how angry i was at the Mariners inability to sweep opponents. It’s embarrassing when you have no sweeps three and a half months into the season, even if you under perform like the Mariner’s constantly do. But right before the All Star Break that changed.

The M’s were able to get there first sweep over the Los Angeles Angles, who are one of the few teams that actually under perform more then Seattle does. The M’s outscored the Angles 18-6 throughout the series and won a close game on Sunday, a game that it seams like they would normally drop.

Immediately following the break, they would sweep a three game series with the Astros. I understand that it’s the Astros, and that they are one of the worst teams in baseball. But to become better, you have to beat the teams that you are supposed to beat. Maybe i would not be as excited if the M’s had barely won all three games but they dominated the Astros in two of them, and had fantastic starting pitching performances from Felix Hernandez, Hisashi Iwakuma, and Joe Saunders.

The Mariners are on a six game win streak and things look like they are looking up for the M’s. King Felix is looking like the best pitcher in baseball and the young guys are finally producing. Hopefully the M’s can keep it going so i won’t have to write more depressing articles about them.


Mariners fail to sweep again

Once again, the Seattle Mariners have failed to get a  sweep. They have had their chances this season, against the Astro’s, White Sox, and most recently this weekend against the A’s but the Mariners have failed to sweep again. 

Not getting a sweep may not seem like a big deal, considering the M’s still won the series but it’s just another embarrassing Mariner fact. We have not gotten a sweep anyone this season. Even teams like the Marlins and the Mets have gotten sweeps. But the Mariners once again fail to get one.

In a season filled with disappointments, like Jesus Montero and Dustin Ackley having to get sent down to Triple A and the bottom three pitchers of the M’s rotation constantly under performing you can just add the Mariners inability to sweep teams onto that list. 

If you want something to root for Mariner fans, root for the King, Kuma and Kyle Seager. Because at this point all other players are just disappointments, players on one year deals, or players who constantly seem to be on the DL. What a great year to be a Mariners fan. 

Tom Wilhelmsen needs to get back on track

In baseball, closers may have the shortest leashes of all players. When they succeed they are one of the games biggest hero’s, and when they fail, the loss is all on them. A closer can usually average about 5-7 blown saves a year without having to worry about their job security. Tom Wilhelmsen has already blown three all in one month. If he wants to keeps his job he needs to find his stuff again. Read the rest of this entry

The Seattle Mariner’s love to screw with their fans hope.

I just finished watching the Mariners get swept in Cleveland. Three of those four losses were lost to walk off hits. Two of them were walk off home runs. One of them came, after the M’s had tied it up in the top of the ninth and another one came after the M’s had gotten the lead in the top of the ninth and the tenth.

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Saturday at Safeco

I went to the Mariners game on Saturday against the A’s. My goal is to make it to around ten Mariners game every season, until i have the money and time to buy season tickets. Saturdays game is the second one i have been to this season, and the second time i have seen the M’s lose. I was 4-2 at Safeco last season so this seasons 0-2 start for me is not looking very promising.

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Mariners finally on hot streak

After starting off the 2013 campaign so poorly, the M’s have finally started to step it up a bit, winning seven of their last ten, and winning 3 series in a row, against the Angels, the Orioles, and the Blue Jays. Their success has come from mostly from the top of the starting rotation, and by improving their batting. Read the rest of this entry

Mariners finally win series

It took until the end of April but the Seattle Mariners finally have won a series. In a four game series they won 3 out of 4 against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

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This Weekend is why M’s fans are tired of the Mariners

The city of Seattle is a great sports town, with a championship caliber team. But this team is not the Mariners. It’s the Seahawks. And like the past five years, the Mariners are making everybody in Seattle, angry at the fact that we even have a baseball team. This weekend was a huge disappointment to every M’s fan.

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Examining the M’s first week

The first two series for the Mariners have both been on the road against the White Sox and the A’s.   They first had a four game series against Oakland where they finished 2-2. Then they went to Chicago where they went 1-3 

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Can the Mariners compete this year?

The Seattle Mariners have been one of the worst teams in baseball over the past few years. They have let fans down with trading away players who would later become all stars, and by picking up free agents who would become duds.

So the question is: can the Seattle Mariners truly have a shot at competing? Not even making it to the playoffs but being in the playoff hunt would be a success for the M’s this year. And it’s looking like this is the year that the Mariners may finally be able to finish above .500 and be in the AL wild card race in September. Read the rest of this entry