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From 1918 to 2013 RED SOX WIN!

fenway 1918By Paul Mahaney

The Boston Red Sox of 2013 did what no other Red Sox team had done since 1918…win it all at home. Boston strong is reality.

From the mess to best, from worst to first the Red Sox and the resiliency of the city of Boston and their beloved team is apparent to all.

The Boston marathon bombing re-united a city which may never have been divided. All the bombing actually did was demonstrate just how passionate the people of Boston are about each other.

The team showed that they were rallied by a city so passionate that the two—team and fans—are one. This city will party, no doubt.

The St Louis Cardinals are a great baseball organization with a very fine manager and marvelous fans, but it became obvious from game three on that they were not going to overcome Boston.

There was an urgency to jettison the Bobby Valentine era once and forever by a determined Red Sox team anxious to win its third title in ten years.

Under the calming influence of new manager John Farrell the Red Sox dominated game six and erased some very painful memories from the last couple of years.

David Ortiz came alive at the right time and the rest as they say is history. Now all that remains is to say, wait till next year.

Have a great off-season everyone and congratulations Boston!

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“Get Your Program, Get Your Program Here!”


By Paul Mahaney

The 2013 World Series between the Boston Red Sox and St Louis Cardinals is knotted up at one apiece and resuming in St Louis tonight.

Going to the series should be a memorable experience and as history demands you may want something to remind you of the trip. That is where a World Series Program makes a great gift.

In years gone by it was even more significant, because video tape or DVD remembrances’ of the series were not as readily available.

Keepsakes and mementos of baseball’s biggest event have become something of a treasure of its glorious past, and no doubt this year’s program will be no different.

However with the proliferation of DVD collections of recent World Series contest making the experience more relivable, the World Series Program has become more of an antique for baseball enthusiast.

Some of the covers of these collectables of the past were gems well worth squirreling away for posterity, and thank goodness baseball and their fans did just that.

Although we won’t be able to view every program some merit attention for a variety of reasons.1903_cover_small
Our trip down memory lane begins with the very first World Series Program proclaiming the battle between the Boston Americans and the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1903. Read the rest of this entry

Survivor 2013

jeff kent
By Paul Mahaney

In this game your torches represent life. When they are put out you will be asked to leave the game.

Gee that means that the Houston Astros never made it to the island for the 2013 season of “Survivor- Major League Baseball”, maybe they didn’t even get a torch? Read the rest of this entry

Subliminal Playoff Musings


By Paul Mahaney

Clarity and the baseball playoffs seldom (never) have anything in common. On the other hand, most experts (other non-psychics) like us predicted (guessed) correctly that the Cleveland Indians would not win the World Series this year. Read the rest of this entry

The Strange Case of Brian Wilsons Missing Ring

Brian Wilson

By Paul Mahaney

I’ve been on assignment for the last couple of weeks, in Brian Wilson’s beard no less (it’s very busy in there what with gypsies and other strange anomalies; I’m the guy behind the follicle on the left) and if you have missed me then sir you are a gentleman and a scholar, unless of course you are a woman in which case you are not a gentleman. Read the rest of this entry

“To Understand Perfection, Try Almost”


By Paul Mahaney

Now I know it’s not easy to be perfect all the time, yet that is a cross I’m willing to bear, and I admit that for a pitcher it is virtually impossible to stand in my shadow.

However every so often a pitcher achieves a manner of perfection, if only for a day, and only 23 have managed that trick so far, and yes they are the chosen few.

But what about those poor devils who were almost perfect? Read the rest of this entry

Major League Baseball’s Success Story: The Houston Astros

By Paul Mahaney

It’s the first day of September and the call-ups are coming, the dog-days of summer are in the rear view mirror, and pennant races are developing. Time to talk Houston Astros baseball! Read the rest of this entry

The Voice

By Paul Mahaney

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced this week that the venerable one, Vin Scully, will return for his 65th season next year. In terms of broadcasters is there anyone more appreciated for longevity, especially with respect to being with one organization, than Mr. Scully?

No I am not a Dodger fan, but I do like Vin. A wonderful man who really loves the game of baseball, he has seen over the years, all there is that are good and bad about Dodger baseball. Read the rest of this entry

Being Employed, in a Baseball Sense

By Paul Mahaney

I don’t remember the day I was born, but how many of us really do? Not even those with the gift of hyperthymesia (Merilu Henner being one of them, and only 32 others having been confirmed with that phenomenal talent) have the ability—they can only remember everything from about the age of 10 on though—but I digress.

Once you realize you’re here you want to make something of yourself. You ask yourself, what talents do I have, what abilities do I possess, and what can I do with them? And then you go looking to develop those gifts thus turning them into skills you can use for employment.

Most of us settle for a simple existence, but there are those of us who wish to rise above just being average, and I have always been one of them. I saw myself performing a job in the athletic world doing something in sports. Read the rest of this entry

An Ode Based on Mighty Casey

By Paul Mahaney

It must be fate for back in 1888, a poem about baseball there came. Gave birth in San Francisco by one Ernest L. Thayer, who never claimed to be a soothsayer, the poem still has meaning today. So beg our pardon, and please forgive my jargon, here is a poem and I will elucidate.

The future was not bright for the nine that play by the bay,
Especially when they heard, that B-Weezy went down south to play.
And there were all those injuries to Scutero, Casilla, Sandoval, and Pagan,
Oh and let’s not forget Affelt, Arias, and one guy named Ryan Vogelsong. Read the rest of this entry

That Sinking Feeling

By Paul Mahaney

She was big, and she was grand the good ship San Francisco Giants. When first constructed (around a super pitching staff) the good ship San Francisco Giants appeared unsinkable. Her design was deliberately built around the most solid aspect of baseball, that great starting pitching stops good hitting.

During her construction, in addition to developing reliable starters, was the idea that suitable backups had to be put in place to support her super-structure, that being the starting rotation. But despite all the precautions put in place to build the great pitching machine, serious weaknesses were not adequately addressed. Read the rest of this entry

Baseball Glorious Baseball


By Paul Mahaney

What a great day for baseball. Blue skies, mild temperatures, and lots of fans all dressed in green and gold. Coming up on the parking attendant—who is handling every car with a smile—I give him a $20.00 bill and he gives me the change with a thank you, I’ll use it as a down payment on a beer.

My youngest son is marveling at the A’s stadium and how great it looks—he has been here before but he was much younger—and I must admit it does look fabulous today, but then the A’s have been playing great of late and its Saturday, so what’s not to like right, the plumbing? Read the rest of this entry

Second Chance

crystal ball

By Paul Mahaney

So it’s July 21, and you’re sitting with a record of 35 wins and 60 losses, but the second half of the season is just starting, and it’s a chance for new beginnings.

Yeah if you believe in fairytales it might be a chance for a fresh start, but you are the Miami Marlins, and let’s face it, you, well you are not very good, in fact, you stink, and you are rank-smelling, and you rank last in all of baseball.

Too harsh, perhaps, but if you are the Marlins all is lost, except for 35 games, and perhaps another handful for the balance of the season. Their cousins, the Houston Astros, are also without a fairy God-manager.

But what about the other teams, do they have a second chance to erase bad memories of the first half of the season? Read the rest of this entry



By Paul Mahaney

The Giants won Saturday 9-0 over the Padres in San Diego, but “The Freak” was the news. Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants threw his first ever no-hitter last night.

Since 2007 Tim Lincecum and the Giants have become synonymous with San Francisco. In that time he has been regarded as the fan favorite. In return he has provided the fans plenty to inspire that loyalty.

He helped nail down for San Francisco its first World Series Championship in 2010. Then last season, while enduring a bad year, he was asked to come out of the bullpen during the playoffs and World Series, and again helped San Francisco win yet another World Championship.

Along the way he has won 2 Cy Young Awards, pitched in 4 All-Star Games, led the National League in strikeouts 3 times, and cut short his once trademark long hair.

This year with the adoption of a thick pair of black rimmed glasses and a miserable season, Tim “The Franchise” Lincecum went from being “The Freak” to just plain freaky. Read the rest of this entry