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The Downside of Winning.

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As a lifelong fan of the pitiful Pittsburgh Pirates, I don’t know where to begin. I mean, look at the team. We have a great shot at making the playoffs, and if we don’t I think the city of Pittsburgh, and Pennsylvania as a whole, would riot.

But really, being a long time fan of a winning team has it’s downsides. So, at the risk of sounding like a whining spoiled child, I will now tell you everything wrong with being a Pirates fan these days. Read the rest of this entry


By The Numbers: NL Edition

It’s that time in the season again. The time when we all look at our teams records and realize that they’re either A) A major disappointment, B) A pleasant surprise, or C) Something in between the two. But to really break down what team is what, I prefer to look at “Postseason Probability”, a colorful graph that can be viewed here:

    But what exactly does that graph mean? What are the stories behind the numbers? And who really is the biggest loser, and the biggest winner? (Stats As Of 9/3/13).

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Bar Room Baseball

This week, I visited my grandparents house in Johnstown, PA. While there, I spent a considerable amount of time at my grandpa’s golf course, and more specifically, the clubhouse. I’ve talked about the Clubhouse before, it was where I first started to watch baseball. The place where we had to watch the Pirates on the little screens in the back of the room, once even having to go to the Locker Room to watch on one of the smallest TVs I’ve ever seen. But. We made it through. So, when I revisited this week, I discovered just how full the Pirates Bandwagon is.

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Last week we had some exciting matchups in Mascotapalooza, and we saw some favorites go home early. In case you missed it, get caught up with all the action here:

We’re down to the sweet 16, so lets begin

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This week I struggled to find anything worth writing about without repeating myself over and over in posts. So. We get this. The 2013 Mascotapalooza! This is the MLB Edition and here’s how it works:

We’re going to do this tournament style. The Mascots have been randomly seeded and will fight it out in an all out street fight, Rocky V style. The winner will be determined by the highly scientific method of me saying who won with input from our second Judge and my good friend Mitch. The list of Mascots comes from here. There are 39 mascots on that list, but 7 Did Not Qualify for the tournament. Those 7 are:

  1. Rally Squirrel

  2. Mr. Redlegs

  3. Mrs. Met

  4. Junior

  5. Gapper

  6. Lefty and RIghty

  7. Rosie Red

Mascots WILL be permitted to use any accessories or Props that they normally carry. Now lets GET READY TO RUMBLE.

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21st Times The Charm, Part 2; Cutch Us If You Can

I know the exact moment that I, and perhaps the entire city of Pittsburgh, stopped waiting, and started believing. July 30th. Game 2 of perhaps the biggest Doubleheader in the biggest series ever at PNC Park. The Pirates entered the day down .5 games in the Central. They had won game 1 on a walkoff “single” off the Pitchers glove. And now, they were leading 2-0 in Game 2. Then, up stepped Andrew McCutchen.

Andrew lifted a fly ball deep into the night. Well, deep into Matt Hollidays glove, and then into the night. And that’s when it happened. A fan, perhaps drunk beyond measure due to 4 hours or so of uninterrupted drinking, gave the city the permission to believe. Because instead of going after the homerun ball sitting next to him. He went after the outfielder standing in front of him. And this unidentified fan welcomed the city to a pennant race.

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21st Times the Charm, Part 1: A Pirates Life For Me

Note: This is the first part of a 2 or 3 part series I’m doing about the Pirates. This section is not really about the current team, it’s more about the journey here. For both me and the Pirates. Part 2 should be posted on Sunday or earlier.
I knew this post would come. The one where I have to talk about the Pirates. My team. I should love to talk about them, but for some reason, I can’t figure out how to do this.
I just can’t explain the emotions this team has put me through. Never in my life have I been able to say that my team has had a winning season. The rise of the team in the past 2 seasons, and their subsequent downfalls, where extremely tough. I remember saying to people “This isn’t how baseball should make me feel. This should be fun. I shouldn’t want to punch something.”. 

Why Ryan Braun doing the right thing… Was the wrong thing to do.

Incase you haven’t heard, Monday night, Major League Baseball suspended Ryan Braun for the remainder of the regular season and the postseason (not that the Brewers were headed there) for PED use. This was the first domino to fall from the Biogenesis Investigation, and it was also the biggest. Here’s why.

Orioles (Re)Rebirth and the Art of Believing.

I should preface this with 2 facts.
1) I am not a serious Orioles fan. I am a Pirates fan. But I live in Maryland, and have visited all their minor league affiliates (or at least the 5 important ones).
2) I am 15 years old, and although I do have what some consider a rich understanding of the games history, my historical insight is limited.
Perhaps those 2 facts make me the perfect person to write this. Maybe they make me the worst. I don’t care. All I know, is that going to Orioles Park at Camden Yards is fun again.