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The Playoffs

post seasonBy Geary Kaczorowski

I like every team in this year’s playoffs except for the St. Louis Cardinals, I have never liked the Cardinals, just like I’ve never liked the Orioles, or the Phillies, or the Mets, Astros, Nationals, except when they were the Montreal Expos, and Padres. No real reasons for not liking them, I’ve just never been a fan of any of these teams. Read the rest of this entry


Reaching the End

Pedroia_fieldingBy Geary Kaczorowski

It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that both the Red Sox and Tigers will win their respective divisions. The AL West is still in play but after the Pirates swept the Rangers this week it’s looking more and more like the Oakland A’s will prevail. Read the rest of this entry

Feel the Excitement

red sox signBy Geary Kaczorowski

Can’t you feel the excitement building? The baseball season is definitely winding down and we’ve got some really hard fought battles going on in the AL West between the Oakland A’s and the Texas Rangers, while over in the NL Central Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St. Louis are locked in a major clash for division winner, not to mention the two wild card slots. Read the rest of this entry

A Mediocre Week

hitting a-rodBy Geary Kaczorowski

It hasn’t exactly been a mediocre week in baseball, but the excitement brought on by the Biogenesis suspensions, and the ridiculousness of Ryan Dempster taking 4 pitches before he hit A-Rod have all worn off. There haven’t been any new, exciting baseball revelations that have taken their place, in fact there hasn’t been much going on over the past week. It’s felt like a lull in the season before the final push to the end. Read the rest of this entry

The Grind

a rodBy Geary Kaczorowski

As the major league season grinds on, and there’s plenty of grinding going on in the AL East and West and the NL Central, a lot of my energy is currently directed toward the 40+ Cape Cod Baseball League. Our second half began and so far we’re not fairing very well, having lost the first two games. We got completely blown out last night 14-1 when our pitching was less than stellar, and on a night when our defense was finally doing its job, for the most part, keeping us in the game. We’ve had those kinds of nights before. Read the rest of this entry

Thoroughly Enjoying the 2013 Season

miguel cabreraBy Geary Kaczorowski

I certainly have been enjoying the 2013 Major League Season and not just because most of my favorite teams have been excelling, and not because Ryan Braun finally got busted as the PED user we all knew him to be, or A-Rod for that matter, but for the excellent baseball we’ve gotten day in and day out. Read the rest of this entry

Hanging By A Thread

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red SoxBy Geary Kaczorowski

Yeah, yeah, I know, I didn’t write my blog last week. I have no excuse for that. Perhaps I was waiting for the Biogenesis suspensions to happen, or perhaps I was being lazy. And perhaps it’s a combination of those and possibly other reasons that I haven’t explored. I’m sure baseball didn’t miss my insights much. Read the rest of this entry

2nd Half Hijinx

tulowitzkiBy Geary Kaczorowski

And then there was baseball. I wholeheartedly welcomed the return of the regular season this past weekend and I’m looking forward to some exciting baseball in the next couple of months. Read the rest of this entry

Here We Go Again

chopped-project-main2By Geary Kaczorowski

Here we go again, another All-Star Game and I’m watching the Chopped marathon on the Food Network Channel. I do keep jumping back and forth from the cooking contest to the game and then back again, but I’m mostly concentrating on cooking with leftovers.

I want to watch baseball, I love watching baseball, but I’m not terribly excited to watch the All-Star Game, which kind of makes absolutely no sense. You got all the best players in baseball gathered together in one mid-summer event and I feel amazingly blasé about the whole affair. Read the rest of this entry

Last Weekend Before the All-Star Game

yasiel puigBy Geary Kaczorowski

Well, here we are at the last weekend of the first half. All in all not a bad first half if I do say so, especially considering my two most favorite teams are riding high in first place in their divisions. I’ve got the Boston Red Sox in the Al East holding steadily to their 3.5 game lead over those Tampa Bay Rays, and then over in the AL Central I’ve got my hometown Detroit Tigers maintaining a 2.5 game lead over the Cleveland Indians. Read the rest of this entry

What It Takes

red soxBy Geary Kaczorowski

I’m starting to get the feeling the Colorado Rockies might not have what it takes to make the playoffs this year. The San Francisco Giants either. A couple of my favorite teams struggling after making me giddy the first couple months of the season. As I stated a few weeks back there was no way all of my favorite teams in baseball were going to keep chugging along, surprising people as they played surprisingly good baseball. Read the rest of this entry

flying pigBy Geary Kaczorowski

Do pigs fly? Seriously do they? I could have sworn I saw Sus scrofa domesticus cruising past the Hancock Tower in Boston the other day. Just as unimaginable as pigs in the sky is waking up this morning to see the Pittsburgh Pirates tied for the best record in baseball. Read the rest of this entry

I Hate Fantasy Baseball

spursBy Geary Kaczorowski

I hate the fantasy baseball league I’m involved in. I always have to root against my favorite teams. Like tonight, the Baltimore Orioles pitching staff is the pitching staff for my fantasy team and they won tonight 5-2, but the problem is they beat my hometown Detroit Tigers. I don’t like to see the Tigers lose but my fantasy team needs the points an Orioles win will give them. This sucks. Read the rest of this entry

What’s Worth Watching?

police tapeWhat’s better for me to be watching? Heat/Spurs NBA finals? Red Sox/Orioles? ID’s Swamp Murders? Chopped? The great shows on TV, live or otherwise, are endless. I was going to say my first choice would be the Red Sox/Orioles, but then I thought about how interesting a cooking show would be. I like cooking shows. I get great ideas from cooking shows. Read the rest of this entry