From 1918 to 2013 RED SOX WIN!

fenway 1918By Paul Mahaney

The Boston Red Sox of 2013 did what no other Red Sox team had done since 1918…win it all at home. Boston strong is reality.

From the mess to best, from worst to first the Red Sox and the resiliency of the city of Boston and their beloved team is apparent to all.

The Boston marathon bombing re-united a city which may never have been divided. All the bombing actually did was demonstrate just how passionate the people of Boston are about each other.

The team showed that they were rallied by a city so passionate that the two—team and fans—are one. This city will party, no doubt.

The St Louis Cardinals are a great baseball organization with a very fine manager and marvelous fans, but it became obvious from game three on that they were not going to overcome Boston.

There was an urgency to jettison the Bobby Valentine era once and forever by a determined Red Sox team anxious to win its third title in ten years.

Under the calming influence of new manager John Farrell the Red Sox dominated game six and erased some very painful memories from the last couple of years.

David Ortiz came alive at the right time and the rest as they say is history. Now all that remains is to say, wait till next year.

Have a great off-season everyone and congratulations Boston!

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