And The Ballgame Is Over!*

The Boston Red Sox have just won the 2013 World Series. While I’m slightly disappointed that the Cardinals (and Beltran) couldn’t get it done to push this to a Game 7, I’m most disappointed that the 2013 MLB season is now officially over. I sink into a strange depression-like state between November and late February that is only remedied by the start of spring training. 

The last time the Red Sox played in a WS Game 6, Mookie hit a dribbler up the first base line that skipped right through Buckner’s legs allowing the winning run to score, sending the series to game 7 which the Mets then eventually won (at home).** I wasn’t even alive then. That’s right, I have never seen either the Mets or the Orioles, my two favorites, win a World Series.

As Joe Buck has repeatedly reminded us on FOX during the World Series, the last time the Red Sox won a World Series title at home was back in 1918. Yes, 95 years ago. The Sox won in 6 games, on September 11 against the Chicago Cubs. Though my friends call me “grandma”, I was not alive for the 1918 World Series and had to do some research. Here’s what life was like the last time the Sox won it at home:


There were only 48 US States

The first radio broadcast of a major league baseball game was still 2 years in the future

The first TV broadcast of a major league baseball game was 30+ years away

A major league team wouldn’t travel on an airplane for 14 years (Meaning we wouldn’t be able to blame Delta Airlines for the Cardinals loss, because a train would have gotten them to Boston on time)

“The Star-Spangled Banner” was not the the National Anthem (13 more years!)

Only 15,238 fans were in attendance at Fenway for Game 6

Boston’s beloved franchise, Dunkin’ Donuts, was 32 years away from launching

Chevrolet was not giving away cars to the MVP.

Woodrow Wilson was President


Congratulations to the Red Sox and the city of Boston. I will now begin the countdown to pitchers and catchers report: 104 days!



*Thanks, Gary Cohen.

** Game 6 of that series was played October 25th and Game 7 was scheduled for the 26th but postponed due to rain, and eventually played on the 27th. Had Game 7 been played on the 26th, as scheduled, do you think the Red Sox would have won?


I’ve had such a blast writing for BaseballRevival this season! Thank you so much, Brennan for allowing me to express my opinions each week. Thank you to all the other writers who continue to post intriguing stories each week. Thank you to everyone who reads what we write! Thank you!

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  1. It has been a treat to read all your post Melissa,and this one was truly fascinating, really great stuff. Looking forward to more next year. Have a great off season.

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