“Get Your Program, Get Your Program Here!”


By Paul Mahaney

The 2013 World Series between the Boston Red Sox and St Louis Cardinals is knotted up at one apiece and resuming in St Louis tonight.

Going to the series should be a memorable experience and as history demands you may want something to remind you of the trip. That is where a World Series Program makes a great gift.

In years gone by it was even more significant, because video tape or DVD remembrances’ of the series were not as readily available.

Keepsakes and mementos of baseball’s biggest event have become something of a treasure of its glorious past, and no doubt this year’s program will be no different.

However with the proliferation of DVD collections of recent World Series contest making the experience more relivable, the World Series Program has become more of an antique for baseball enthusiast.

Some of the covers of these collectables of the past were gems well worth squirreling away for posterity, and thank goodness baseball and their fans did just that.

Although we won’t be able to view every program some merit attention for a variety of reasons.1903_cover_small
Our trip down memory lane begins with the very first World Series Program proclaiming the battle between the Boston Americans and the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1903.

Note the simplicity of the period, black and white, although the photos represent a distinctly modern approach to the turn of the century. Also pay special attention to the price, 10 cents, nope not in Bud Selig’s world no way.

color photoThe 1913 World Series Program was the first time the program was in full colorColor — remember when kids would ask why people on television and movies were in black and white before they found out about color — maybe that is why John McGraw looks so puzzled, or was it the jump in price, now only 25 cents.

1914 brings to mind “Pink Elephants” alright I won’t sing and yes they are white elephants, but I like this program as I have a fondness for the A’s, no matter what incarnation. Note the price has been reduced back to 10 cents.elephant A's

Oh the 1916 cover fixed that black and white thing — color tinting of the photograph pre-Ted Turner — oops 15 cent price increase.

Love the 1931 program because of the art and the representations of the A’s and Cardinals, not to mention the color. Again with the 15 cent increase, oh well it’s still only pennies on the dollar.cardinals and A's

30's styleThe Yankees and Cubs — yeah the CUBS — went completely stylizistic, yep my new word, for the 1932 series. The look was about the future that really never materialized, but the look was sure unique don’t you think? Oh, it will still cost you 25 cents though.

The Cardinals and Yankees 1942 matchup cover has that typical 1940’s look, and the reminder that we were still at war. Cost of paper and ink demands a quarter.1940's

Dodgers and Yankees in 1947 with a bat and the Brooklyn Bridge, classic look this for only half a buck.brooklyn
1952 baseball1952 and baseball truly is Americas pastime reflected in the showcase matchup of the Dodgers and Yankees, upstate New York must have been thrilled. And since it is the 1950’s why not list the program for 50 cents too. Love all the graphics of baseball action in the background, very busy.

!956 and little has changed it’s the Yankees and Dodgers again — lest we forget the series that produced the only perfect game in World Series history courtesy of Don Larson — even the price, 50 cents, has not changed. But love the stadiums for both teams.dodgers and yankees

You just knew I would include this one what with San Francisco’s first ever World Series coming in 1962 and against the mighty Yankees no less. The Golden Gate Bridge is awesome on the cover, but is that Central Park to the right? At least the price won’t give you sticker shock.1962

1963Its 1963 and its big, its gigantic, its America at its best, very baseball, very patriotic, extremely fall, and again it’s the Yankees and the Dodgers, and all for 50 cents.lost in space

1965 and the Dodgers and Twins will do battle for who will rule the galaxy, and no when it’s over James Cameron will still not be king of the world. Love the look of the 1960’s, and the outer space gimmick is terrific, what a cover! And that price, a still groovy 50 cents dude.

69 metsEnding the decade is the “Miracle Mets” and I played hooky from school for this series. The program looks as if it was torn from the funny papers — come on who didn’t love the 69 Mets, well other than the Cubs and O’s — but the times they are a-changen, gonna cost you a buck now, maybe because it was the 100th Anniversary of baseball.

1972 through 1974 is not really a World Series program but it symbolized the A’s A's dynastydominance from that period illustrated in their 1974 program cover, and ticket here.

The World Series Covers got a logo which was tweaked in 1989 because of an earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area during the series, resulting in the Bay Bridge being included in the logo symbolizing the Battle (uh- rattle) of the Bay between the A’s and Giants.Battle (rattle) of the Bay cover from the 1989 series

all new yorkNote the year 2000 cover for the subway series reborn between the Mets and Yanks. ticket ticketAlmost looks like a harvest moon above the stadium for the “Fall Classic” wonderful color.

Yes programs come and go, but they don’t remain the same, because ticket and program cost do change. This years program is $15.00, and tickets…that is for another time.


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