Beltran Stuns Fans, Players, and the Bullpen Cop

When Jerry Seinfeld joined Gary, Keith and Ron in the SNY broadcast booth in mid-September he made a wonderful point – “I do not understand why outfield walls are not padded in such a way that we don’t risk a guy’s entire career for the sake of a couch cushion. I mean, what is the point? We know they’re  gonna hit these walls. We’re paying these guys zillions of dollars, maybe it would be in our best interest to make sure they hit the wall and continue their careers.”

Carlos Beltran had waited 16 major league seasons, 45 post season games, and 2,109 total games before making his World Series debut last night. After only 2 innings, Carlos came out due to what was later announced to be a right rib contusion. Most major leaguers don’t last much more than 16 years, so there is no way of knowing if Carlos will have another shot at a World Series appearance, so it’s more than important that he recover and play the rest of the series.

Red Sox fans thought Papi had hit a Grand Slam. I thought it was gone. I’m sure the bullpen cop was ready to rejoice once again, too.  But Beltran launched back to make the best Cardinals play of Game 1. Absolutely stunned.

Carlos is no stranger to sacrificing his body for the play, as you may remember his tragic collision with fellow Mets outfielder Mike Cameron in 2005.

It may not seem like he hit the wall hard enough to cause damage, but you can most certainly hear it in this A/V clip. (Click the image to open the video.)

Beltran is a stand-up guy on the field and off the field. Your first World Series game lasts only 2 innings. What do you say to yourself? Carlos would say he made it worth it.

The last time Beltran came close to a World Series appearance was back in 2007 as a Met, facing his current team. It wasn’t meant to happen for him back then, I guess, but it sure is his time now.

*At post time, it had not been reported if Beltran would play in Game 2.


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