Survivor 2013

jeff kent
By Paul Mahaney

In this game your torches represent life. When they are put out you will be asked to leave the game.

Gee that means that the Houston Astros never made it to the island for the 2013 season of “Survivor- Major League Baseball”, maybe they didn’t even get a torch?

And maybe the White Sox, Cubs, Twins and especially Miami never got off the couch, but we had plenty of participants this year.

The American League tribe had some game performers like the Royals, Yankees and O’s, while the National League tribe competitors Washington and Arizona gave a good account of themselves.

Those who reached redemption island type status were the Indians, Rangers, Pirates and Reds, all of them however ultimately had their torches extinguished in the end.

Yet one by one the toughest survivors began to fall. Oakland, Cleveland, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and finally Detroit saw their flames go out and were asked to leave the game.

They had their say though; sometimes boisterous like the Dodgers, but now we are left with two.
The Boston Red Sox with all their beards—have you noticed how they all resemble ZZ Top rejects?—will battle the St Louis Cardinals to be the final survivor for 2013.

This is a rematch as these two have been involved in earlier survivor series.

slaughter runIn the 1946 survivor series there was the Cardinals Enos Slaughter making a mad dash from first in the 7th challenge helping the Cardinal tribe to come out on top.

And there were some great players who competed in the 1967 series ofyaz world series survivor. Who can forget Carl Yastrezmski of the Red Sox tribe, or Bob Gibson of the Cardinal tribe winning his last three challenges in helping the Cardinals to outlast, outplay and outsmart Boston.

I was particularly struck how both those tribes in the 1967 survivor episodes not only entered shaven and clean cut, but also exited the games exactly the same way. How did they manage to do that? Maybe they all brought razors and a barber.

zztopI also thought both tribes refusing to wear pants down to their shoes, and instead opting to wear stirrup socks to the knees was a good choice over wearing those silly-looking tribal head-buffs.

I really loved those black and white stripes on the Red Sox stirrup socks that year; this was before beards and buffs (or long pants). In recent episodes it feels like the competitors are going to work at the office or something. Hardly feels like a game anymore.

You wanna know what they are playing for this time? No not food or even a chance to escape to some middle of the jungle siesta with a sauna, nope none of those. They are playing for a World Series Trophy.

What do you want to bet this year’s reunion final will give everyone the chance to call out Yasel Puig about his showing off for the Dodger tribe during their challenge against the Cardinals?

Whaddya mean there’ll be no reunion episode this year? Where is Jeff Probst, I want answers. Oh for crying out loud, you sit for six months watching all the challenges, and you get no reunion final at the end! Where are the suits?


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