Postseason and Dodger Blues

One of my favorite things about the post season is watching as a team celebrate a series win.  I love that the TV network has a camera on each player and each dugout, and after the initial pile-on on the field, we are able to watch every reaction of celebration (and of demise). But as the Dodgers clinched an NLCS spot on Monday and the Red Sox clinched an ALCS spot on Tuesday, I found myself a bit angry.

Don’t get me wrong – I was pulling for both of those teams, but I live for Game 5 (in the division series). The players might live for October, but I live for the overwhelming panic in a do-or-die game for both teams. (I thought I might feel differently if either the Mets or Orioles were in it, but remembered that the Mets last postseason went to a game 7 [2006 NLCS] and the Orioles last postseason went to a game 5 [2012 ALDS].) More so, I start to get a little depressed as the end looms. What will I do for the next months? Football doesn’t take up nearly as much time.

As I watched all games 1 through 4 this past week, I couldn’t help but look up a few random stats and ponder a few seemingly unanswerable questions. Yes, I am sharing them with you.

-Why does the series losing team watch the winning team celebrate? I know, you can’t believe it’s over. I know. But why put yourself through more suffering by watching someone else enjoy what should have been yours?

-Does Yasiel Puig have to pay for the camera he broke during Uribe’s “shower”? (Working for a television production company, it pains me to watch such expensive equipment break!)

-Shane Victorino was HBP 4 times in the 4 ALDS games, setting a division series record. He has appeared in 50 post season games, and has been HBP 8 times. The only player to have been HBP more times in the post season is Alex Rodriguez – 9 times, over 75 games.

-In ALDS Game 4 the Rays used 9 pitchers (in 9 innings), setting a new record for number of pitchers used by one team, in one game, in  a divisional series.

-Marlon Byrd hit a HR in his first EVER postseason at bat. The last player to do this? Paul Goldschmidt was the last player to do this – 2011 NLDS.

-On Sunday during NLDS game 3 between Atlanta and Los Angeles, the Dodgers scored 13 runs. The last time the Dodgers scored 13 runs in a post season game was in the 1956 World Series (the last time the Brooklyn Dodgers made the WS). The last time the Braves allowed 13 runs in a post season game? In the 1992 NLCS against the Pirates.


As an LA resident I feel obligated to root for the Dodgers in the NLCS despite my distaste for their collective fan base. Then again, I’m also still a bit (very) opposed to the Cardinals (yes, 2006). I would boycott baseball but that would hurt even more.


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