The Downside of Winning.

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As a lifelong fan of the pitiful Pittsburgh Pirates, I don’t know where to begin. I mean, look at the team. We have a great shot at making the playoffs, and if we don’t I think the city of Pittsburgh, and Pennsylvania as a whole, would riot.

But really, being a long time fan of a winning team has it’s downsides. So, at the risk of sounding like a whining spoiled child, I will now tell you everything wrong with being a Pirates fan these days.

  1. Bandwagon Fans- In my opinion, there is no greater evil in sports then Bandwagon fans. They are the most soulless, evil, price jacking, parking-space-taking, seat stealing human beings on earth, and Pittsburgh may be the center of them. When the Pirates were doing poorly and bringing in awful attendance, the argument people had for keeping the team in Pittsburgh was “Pittsburgh loves a winner! If you win, they’ll come!”. Literally, they just admitted that the town is Bandwagon Fans. Listen, I get it, no one wants to see teams lose, and no one wants to pay to come see a bad team, but Pittsburgh might be the only city in sports where if your team isn’t winning, there’s a good chance you’re going to have to look into moving (See: Pittsburgh Penguins). Pittsburgh has been spoiled quite frankly by the Steelers, although it looks like they’re on the downhill too. The transplant dynamic of Pittsburgh on exaggerates the Bandwagoning. Since so many people moved out of Pittsburgh when the mills closed, but kept their sports loyalties with Pittsburgh, what you have is Bandwagon fans spread out all over the country. Now, yes, there are real, devoted, lifelong fans of the Pirates, and I love those people. I went to a Pirates game last Sunday. They were doing a promotion where you voted on what song you wanted to be played in the middle of the 6th inning. “We Are Family” was in last place in the voting. That is all you need to know (luckily the DJ rigged the voting and played it anyway. Avoiding a scandal of massive proportions).

  2. Reading the same stuff over, and over, and over- I get it ok? The Pittsburgh Pirates were bad but now they are good. They had 20 losing seasons. They are going to the playoffs. I get it. Enough. Please. Lets stop talking about how shocking they are and start talking about what they need to do gearing up for a playoff run. Like really guys.

  3. Setting yourself up for disappointment- The Pittsburgh Pirates are NOT a World Series winning team. Atleast. I don’t think they are. But even though I don’t believe they are a team that is destined to win the World Series, I still kind of do. And so does everyone else who has any ties to the team at all. It looks like we’re all just setting ourselves up for disappointment and anger when the team DOES get eliminated. Will the city even know how to react? Keep in mind that the Pirates are something Pittsburgh hasn’t had in awhile: An Underdog. Usually we win our championships the good old fashion “We’re better than everyone else and everyone knows that but watch us prove it” way, so losing in a playoff series is kind of a big deal (I have friends who still complain about the Penguins being knocked out this past season “IT WAS OUR YEAR AND WE CHOKED!”, god forbid a team is actually better than us and just outplayed us).

  4. More Props to bring to games!- Pittsburgh is big on it’s Props. I mean, the Terrible Towel has become a must-have for any REAL Steelers fan. Even the Penguins have waved it once or twice. So now that the Pirates are winning, it’s time they get a prop right? What should of prop should we use? A nice compact towel? No. Let’s go with literally the biggest thing we can possibly think of and bring in huge Pirate flags to a sold out stadium! Ya! That’s a good idea! In reality, I love the Jolly Rogers, they’re cool to look at and because the Pirates haven’t really figured out that they could sell them with the Pirate logo and stuff for money (Currently they just sell a generic one for $40, no pole included), everyone has their own flag design. It really is cool to look at… Unless you’re looking at it from behind. The flags are literally the most view obstructing object in Major League Baseball. And Pirate fans are a bit too anxious to hoist the colors, which just adds to the mess. They wave it between innings, before the game, when we’re losing 10-0, when there is a pitching change, when our pitcher throws a strike. Literally any possible excuse for waving the flag is an acceptable reason to wave the flag. Penguins score in preseason game? Wave it. Ravens losing NFL game? Wave it. Pirates get bunt single with 2 outs? Wave it. Maybe I was just sitting behind the wrong drunk people with flags at PNC Park, but the point stands.

  5. I lost the playoff presale raffle- This one actually makes me really mad, and It’s connected directly to point number 1. As any true Pirate fan did I registered early, as in the first day we were allowed to register, for my postseason ticket presales. And guess what? I didn’t win. I know I can still purchase them now, but most of the tickets I could afford are gone. I applied the past 2 seasons (somehow they where relevant enough to sell them in 2011 and 2012, despite their collapses), and I won. But now that they’re actually going to go, and I could actually use the tickets, I can’t buy them. There is no god.

Yes winning is great. I’m not trying to say that it’s not, trust me. All I’m saying is that everything has it’s downfalls, and well, having a winning baseball team is no exception. But seriously guys, Lets go Pirates!


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