Reaching the End

Pedroia_fieldingBy Geary Kaczorowski

It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that both the Red Sox and Tigers will win their respective divisions. The AL West is still in play but after the Pirates swept the Rangers this week it’s looking more and more like the Oakland A’s will prevail.

That brings us to the AL Wild Card race. Right now there are 6 teams vying for the two slots. The Texas Rangers currently have the lead for the first wild card spot while the Tampa Bay Rays cling to the second spot despite having a disastrous last couple of weeks, and they still have to play the Red Sox again tonight.

The hated Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, and the surprising Cleveland Indians and equally surprising Kansas City Royals make up the rest of the battle for those wild card spots. The Royals are a mere 2 games behind the Rays and have been playing the best ball of all the teams involved. If momentum counts for anything in baseball I’d have to say the Royals are the team that’ll pass the others and squeak by into the wild card play-in game.

The NL East and West are pretty much settled as both the Atlanta Braves and LA Dodgers at this point are playing for home field advantage for the playoffs. The NL Central is the only undecided division, but the three teams within reach of the division title, the Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds and St. Louis Cardinals are all pretty much assured of a playoff spot, it’s just too close right now for us to know which spots they’ll get.

The Cardinals have a very slim lead over the Pirates, with the Reds hanging tough. Personally I’m looking for the Pirates to win the division and go on to play the Red Sox in the World Series.

And there you have it, my prediction for the post season. It really doesn’t matter to me who wins the wild card spots because I see the AL playoffs being ruled by Boston and Detroit. I see the hometown team, the Red Sox, beating my hometown Tigers, but it’ll take 7 to get it done. I think the Red Sox have the extra firepower, to go with some pretty good pitching that the Tigers don’t have. Don’t get me wrong, I will be equally delighted with Detroit taking a trip to the World Series.

Over in the NL I see Pittsburgh and their superb pitching pulling out a tough series win against the equally superb pitching of the Dodgers, the difference being too much Andrew McCutcheon.

Obviously we’ll see how this all plays out in the next couple weeks as the season finishes up, but honestly, for me I enjoy watching baseball no matter who’s playing.


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a life-long baseball fan that began, at the age of 54, to play organized baseball for the first time. i'm part of the cape cod over-35 league, playing second base and rightfield. i run my own web site development company as well as being the music director at wumd

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