An Open Letter to Mr. Bob Costas

Dear Mr. Costas,

As a fellow Syracuse University graduate, I have always appreciated your work on a level that I feel is different from some other people. I respect and admire your career path and hard work that brought you to the level of greatness that you exhibit today.

As with all praise, there is always some degree of condemnation.

On June 16 you publicly shamed the New York Mets during your broadcast of the U.S. Open. In response, you were openly chastised by a number of Mets players, employees, and fans, and while that may have been good and well, I have not yet expressed my feelings on the subject.  “Better late than never,” I say. I did not feel as though my thoughts immediately after your comments would have been well articulated, nor did I feel then, or now, that the 140 characters allowed by Twitter could truly capture what I must tell you.

There is an amazing thing about the game of baseball – every single game, inning, pitch, and hit counts. Not one person will know until the mid-September post-season clinch whether or not Game 1 of 162, or Game 42 of 162, was the defining moment of a season.

On June 3, 2013, Yasiel Puig made his MLB debut. Going into that game the Dodgers were 23-32, in last place in the NL West, 8.5 games out of first place. On that same date, the Mets were 11 games out of first in the NL East.

Just 13 days later, the day of your statements, the Dodgers were still in last place, now only 7.5 games out of first, with a 29-39 record. The Mets? 13.5 games out.

I find it hard to believe that on either of those dates you believed that the Dodgers would make a complete turn around to then record the most wins in a 46 game stretch in franchise history, or to make a legitimate run at a post-season berth as a division champion.

Your comments toward the Mets could easily have been directed toward the Dodgers after their walk-off win on June 29th, at which time they were still in last place and 6 games under .500.

Though the Mets celebrated a 3-run HR and the Dodgers celebrated a 1-run Single, both resulted in a win, both resulted in an on-field celebration and neither seemed significant to the team’s season in the moment.

The Baltimore Orioles beat the Boston Red Sox on September, 28 2011, the final day of the regular season. I’d like to remind you that the Orioles won in the bottom of the 9th, knocking the Sox out of the playoffs, but in no way securing a spot for themselves. The O’s celebrated as if they had won the World Series, despite not having been there since 1983, nor having been in the playoffs since 1997. I do not recall any disgust from you on this occasion despite the fact that its outcome on the season was absolute at the moment of completion. Your lack of comments in regards to an absolute (Sox v. O’s) versus your abundance of comments in regards to a game that was seemingly inconsequential on post season possibilities at such time (Cubs v. Mets) baffles me.

While it would give me great joy to see you eat your words, it won’t happen – at least not this year. But, I would like to remind you that in describing a celebration as “Another indication of the ongoing decline of western civilization,” you have completely neglected events that do, in fact, bear more consequence on Western Civilization as a whole than one baseball game (even if that team does become a World Series champion).

Best regards from a fellow Orange,


**I am not suggesting that Mr. Costas direct his unfounded opinions on the Dodgers, as you have already been attacked by him once. (You may remember his comments before Game 4 of the 1988 World Series when he suggested that the Dodgers lineup was the worst in World Series history, much to the disappointment of then-manager Tommy Lasorda (the Dodgers won that game, and the World Series). If you did not remember this and I just brought up a sore subject, I apologize – but congrats on the World Series Win!)


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  1. I look forward to Bob Costas’ reply.

  2. The decline of western civilization? Where did he get that? A little extreme I’d say. I, too, am a fan of Costas, not only as a baseball announcer/analyst but also as a sports commentator, especially of the Olympics. However, these comments were, in my opinion, out of place and uncalled for. The teams are struggling enough! Let them go crazy and have fun celebrating every now and again!

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