When It Comes To The Play-Off’s Let’s Get It Right!


Listen up Mr. Selig. All year long baseball fans go to the games to support their teams. They go through the emotional ups and downs, sweating it out on those hot summer days and nights. They buy their peanuts and crackerjacks and cheer those men that play between the white lines. The season nears the end and low and behold your team makes the playoffs – as a wild card. That’s where the problem jumps forward and smacks you in the face.

Why only one game? As important as the play-offs are why not make it three games? Make it a play-off series, not a crap shoot. Mr. Selig, as Baseball Commissioner you need to give the die-hard fans a voice on this. It’s only fair. I know your excuse will be, “the season is long enough”, but what’s a couple of more days, especially when it means so much?

Hear me out. As a hypothetical, lets say the Pittsburgh Pirates slip down to catch the wild card and the Cincinnati Reds edge out the Buc’s, while the Cardinals win the Central. That would mean the Pirates would go on the road to Cincinnati. If they lose, they’re out. How is that fair for the fans of Pittsburgh? They’ve waited 20 years for a play-off game and they wouldn’t even get an opportunity to see a play-off game played in their home stadium. They wouldn’t even get to bring their kids to a play-off game. That sucks.

A 3 game series is a win-win situation. It would mean more money for everyone. Am I enticing you? I said more money for everyone. Watching a game on T.V. is one thing, knowing your team is coming home with a chance to get in the play-offs is another. Seeing that game in your home stadium is something you’ll never forget. 

Give it a thought Mr. Selig, and get it right. Let the voice of the fans be heard.



Posted on September 7, 2013, in 2017. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. OMG! So well said, now get Mr. Selig a hearing-aid because this really makes sense.

  2. Great post, Ken! It is a long season…so what’s a few more games? Give us diehard fans a few more games to obsess over!

    But, alternatively… what if there needs to be a tiebreaker game (to determine which teams advance as wildcard teams)? Should the tiebreaker game also be a tiebreaker series?

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