Listology – Part 1

Pablo Sandoval hit 3 HRs in 9 innings and 5 at bats on Wednesday night against San Diego and it got me thinking — I know there have been other players with 3 HR games, but has any other

San Francisco Giants player accomplished this feat?

In fact, 25 other Giants have hit 3 HR in one game (of 9 innings or fewer) – 11 for SF, 14 for NY. The only Giant, of any kind, to hit more than that is Willie Mays – he hit 4 in 1961.

Well, now that I’m on one of my frequent (yet still strange) random fact binges, here are some useful(less) facts.

Morrie Aderholt is the only player to hit his first career HR, in his first career game, on his birthday – On September 13, 1939 for the Washington Senators.

21 players have made their first MLB plate appearance on their birthday. The most recent was Wilmer Flores for the Mets on August 6, 2013.

The most HRs a pitcher has ever given up on one birthday is 4. Carlos Silva is the only one to have done this – on April 23, 2006 over only 5.2 innings.

37 pitchers have balked on their birthday. Thankfully, each of them only had 1 BK – I guess that doesn’t completely ruin a birthday.

25 or more batters have been used by one team, in one game, 64 times. Only 58 of these games took place in September or later (relevant to callups and rosters sizes). The Oakland A’s used the most batters ever in one game, 30, on September 19, 1972.

No Met has received the “Golden Sombrero” (4 Ks) in his MLB debut.  8 players total have 4Ks in their debut. No player has more.

4 players made their MLB debut after their 40th birthday. Three of them as pitchers, the other, a pinch hitter. The most recent was Ken Takahashi for the Mets in 2009. Before that, the last 40+ year old to debut occurred in 1960.

Only one player, Andre Dawson, has been intentionally walked 5 times in one game. However, the game lasted 16 innings (May 22, 1990).

Barry Bonds is the only player to be intentionally walked 4 times in one game lasting nine innings or fewer, on two separate occasions (May 1, 2004 and September 22, 2004).

22 players have been HBP 3 times in one game. The most recent was Matt Carpenter on June 4, 2013.

122 players were HBP in their first career game. Skeeter Barnes was HBP twice in his debut on September 6, 1983.  Happy anniversary…tomorrow!


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  1. Melissa you are going to give the Elias sports people a bad name. You are without doubt the most knowledgeable baseball authority. I don’t care if no one else likes the word authority, because the fact is you really are one. Just love your post, all of them have always been fun to read, not to mention very enlightening.

  2. dizzying array of stats. quite interesting.

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