Jose Miguel Cabrera Torres


MLB superstar Miguel Cabrera did not get a unanimous vote in 2012 when he won MVP. Several sports writers opted to cast their votes for the California Angels Mike Trout. Why they would choose to do that is anyone’s guess, considering Cabrera was the winner of the Triple Crown, a fete not accomplished by anyone in baseball since 1967.

There should be no doubt in any voters minds this year. Miguel Cabrera should win the American League MVP hands down. With 30 games left to the season, Miguel is only 4 home runs behind Chris Davis and is leading the American League in hitting, with a batting a average of 357 and 130 RBI’s. Cabrera is looking strong to make history by winning the Triple Crown back-to-back.


Only two players in baseball history have won the Triple Crown twice, and never back-to-back. They are the great Hall of Famer’s Ted Williams, winning in 1942 and 1947, and Roger Hornsby, who won in 1922 and 1925.


The city and fans of Detroit have been going through rough times with all their financial difficulties. How great would it be if manager Jim Leyland could lead the Tigers in bringing home the trophy? That would certainly shine some light at the end of the tunnel for Detroit fans.


Justin Verlander would have to step up to his status of two years ago when he won MVP. If he does answer the call, he has the line-up of Torii Hunter (fans thank you Torii for your loyalty in signing with Detroit), Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder. With that power team backing him up, the American League will get the message that the Tigers are a force to be reckoned with, They may even become top dog for bringing home the big prize.





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