It Could Be Worse

So the Mets have had a rough season – it’s no secret. But their bad 5 months have nothing on Miley’s bad 5 minutes at the VMAs last Sunday.

1. Losing 3 starting pitchers to season ending injuries (and possibly two of those for 2014 as well) in a matter of 3 weeks. (I witnessed Mejia’s season end in San Diego. Thankfully it wasn’t anything too gruesome — no one knew what caused him to leave the game until we checked social media later on). Losing any player is tragic, but when it’s three of your five starters in such a short span, so close to the end of the season…

The Mets may not have a post season in them this year, but that’s not why losing starters in August is so tough. AAA pitchers are approaching their innings limit and won’t be called up, so the team is forced to rework their relief strategy (remember, the Mets also lost Parnell to injury).

They still have some solid pitchers – especially when at the plate. I know, I know, you want your pitcher to perform on the mound. But the Mets pitching has been stellar and while our offensive isn’t always there to back them up, pitchers are proving they can help their own cause. Dillon Gee tripled last week. Jonathon Niese hit a 3 run double on Tuesday. With Harvey’s arm AND bat back in the mix, the Mets pitching would be the talk — for a good reason this time.

2. Losing the team leader, both literally and figuratively, to the DL. David Wright is a fan favorite and a team favorite, both on and off the field. The sooner he’s back, the happier everyone will be.

3. Trading two of your power hitters, one of whom was traded the same day as his t-shirt night. (Byrd’s number 6 was given to the rookie AAA call-up, Matt den Dekker,  and the shirts were still distributed to fans with Byrd’s name and number.)

The now widely circulated video of Buck pulling Harvey in for a hug on Monday was wonderful for one reason at the time – Harvey’s injury – but as of midday on Tuesday, it felt much bigger, as Buck was traded to the Pirates. Of course Harvey is probably out of the running for the Cy Young award, but hopefully Buck (and Byrd) and the Pirates can make a World Series run.

Here’s the video.

4. And, of course, having a losing season (as I write this the Mets are 59-72, with 31 games to play. And they are currently in 4th in the NL East, just behind the Phillies).

What’s strange? The Mets could still finish 2nd in the division.

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 11.23.55 PM

Hey, stranger things have happened. The Mets didn’t make the playoffs in 2007, right? And, oh yeah, Miley did some dance type shenanigan called “twerking”.

Miley’s performance:


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  1. well done. and informative.

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