A Mediocre Week

hitting a-rodBy Geary Kaczorowski

It hasn’t exactly been a mediocre week in baseball, but the excitement brought on by the Biogenesis suspensions, and the ridiculousness of Ryan Dempster taking 4 pitches before he hit A-Rod have all worn off. There haven’t been any new, exciting baseball revelations that have taken their place, in fact there hasn’t been much going on over the past week. It’s felt like a lull in the season before the final push to the end.

August is over at the end of the week and we’ll be moving into baseballs final phase that will finally put a period on some disastrous seasons (hello Toronto), some horrendous seasons (Houston’s Astros I’m talkin’ ‘bout you), and some surprisingly fine seasons (Pittsburgh Pirates, LA Dodgers, Cleveland Indians).

There are still some hard fought division battles to be fought in the AL East, AL West, and NL Central, as well as the individual awards for the year, namely the AL & NL MVP, and Cy Young awards. For some that’s all that’s left of this season. For others, it’s wait until next year.

This all brings us to the current woes of the Buzzard Bay Raiders in the 40+ Cape Cod League, of which I’m a player. We’ve been pathetic since the second half of our season began, going 0-4 with a total of 4 runs. Oh what a tribulation it is when your team gets absolutely no hitting. I think our total for hits in the first 4 games goes something like 3, 2, 3, 4 which is probably the best indicator for that miserable 0-4 record.

I’m just as guilty as my teammates in the lack of hits department. Since I got a hit in my first at bat of the second half I have been grounding into outs game after game. It’s frustrating for me even though I’m not thought of as much of a hitter despite smacking the crap out of the ball last year at a .444 clip. This year’s average currently hovers around the .250 level and my OBA isn’t nearly the .556 I posted last season.

And that seems to be endemic with the Raiders. Our noted hitters have been whiffing at the ball with embarrassing regularity and our pitching has been adequate, only being dragged down by our porous defense. There are at least 8 more games left for us to turn this around and set the bar high for future Raiders teams, but the team’s track record doesn’t bode well for too much improvement. We are definitely a rag-tag team of players with potential that can never seem to put it all together with any kind of consistency.

In the end, for me, it’s all about playing ball. Playing it exceptionally well would be delightful, but I think those days are long gone. Just getting the opportunity to play satisfies me enough. Sure it would be nice to win, and at some point I’m pretty sure we will win again, that’s just not the whole point to playing. I know it is to some, but I’ve never been the most competitive guy, opting more to perform in the background without seeking the glory or accolades. As long as I know I’m giving my all, and I’ve got the broken ankle to prove that, I’m a happy baseball camper.


About mesh5

a life-long baseball fan that began, at the age of 54, to play organized baseball for the first time. i'm part of the cape cod over-35 league, playing second base and rightfield. i run my own web site development company as well as being the music director at wumd

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