The Voice

By Paul Mahaney

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced this week that the venerable one, Vin Scully, will return for his 65th season next year. In terms of broadcasters is there anyone more appreciated for longevity, especially with respect to being with one organization, than Mr. Scully?

No I am not a Dodger fan, but I do like Vin. A wonderful man who really loves the game of baseball, he has seen over the years, all there is that are good and bad about Dodger baseball.

He truly understands what the Giant Dodger rivalry is all about, not to mention all the major participants who have played a role in the rivalry.

Yet most of all he brings a well moderated dignity to the broadcast booth that belies his passion for the Dodger blue, just as a true professional actually would.

Vin has been there for so long that it is truly unimaginable to think about what the game, say nothing of the Dodgers, will be like without his voice.

I remember nights when the Giants games would end, slipping up the dial to KFI in Los Angeles just to hear what was going on down in Dodger Stadium. There you would hear that familiar voice calmly relating the action on the field just as he does today.

vin scullyHis voice is comforting as it is reassuring that all is right in the game of baseball, even when it may not always be that way off the field.

Mr. Scully treats his fellow broadcasters, as well as other members of the media, with a relaxed respect that makes you feel as if you yourself have been at the practice of reporting events on the field just as long as he has been at it.

To say he has been a treasure to the game of baseball is probably an enormous understatement, and yet I struggle to find a better phrase to adequately describe what he means to the ears of the fans of the game.

Without doubt though one thing Vin Scully does bring to baseball is that of being an institution. He is synonymous with the Dodgers as much as he is with the game of baseball itself.

His continued work behind the mic brings joy as well as a sense of stability to a game desperately seeking that very recognition.

Thank you Mr. Scully for the decision to continue in the booth for another year, for doing what you have done with the professionalism you have shown for so many years.

Then as now, your knowledge and experience, as well as presentation over the air, add immeasurable to the joy of hearing a baseball and the dodgersvin in the booth

It is not just Dodger fans who appreciate what you bring to the game Vin, there are those of us who are not Dodger fans who are all too keenly aware of what a valuable asset to the game you have been, and continue to be, and we just wanted to say thank you.


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  1. Just a great job PAUL. You hit it right on the money.

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