Fall From Grace


Did the Giants just get lazy, winning two championships in three years, or does Bruce Bochy and the front office need to get busy this off-season?

The Giants are in trouble. Can things be fixed or are they a sinking ship? The Giants ACE Matt Cain, is simply (let’s be honest) an average pitcher at best. So…get rid of him. At $25,500,000.00 per year that’s not so easy. In fact, it’s impossible. He’s got a firm contract and the Giants still owe him over 100 million dollars. No team is going to pick up that debt for just an okay pitcher, one that gives up 3 runs and 7 hits in just 3 and 1/3 innings. Bochy is going to have to get Cain into serious rehabilitation. He’s still got a fast ball, he’s just lost control. With hard work and concentration, it can be fixed.

Tim Lincecum is another story. Once ‘The Freak’ of baseball for his dynamic and sizzling fastball, Timmy is  a shadow of his former flame-throwing self. The back-to-back Cy Young winner should have taken that 100 million dollar contract three years ago, but his ‘advisors’ including Joe Jackson (I mean Tim’s Dad), urged him to wait, feeling he could get more than double that amount by the end of this year. OOPS! Timmy is through. It breaks my heart. I loved him, but it’s bye-bye Tim Lincecum. Thanks for the memories.

There is a chance the Giants can get Barry Zito to work the crowd selling popcorn and signing autographs. He has a great personality and the fans love him. That may help recoup a bit of that $18 million they still owe him on his contract.


Facing the truth is painful, but it does clear the air and helps to focus on a solution. The Giants have a sound nucleus and strong infield. With Brandon Belt at first base, and Brandon Crawford at short stop, the Giants can gain some confidence. Get Pablo Sandoval on a diet, he’s 40 lbs. overweight. Imagine what an asset he would be if he got back in shape!


If the Giants have any hope left in their hearts they should hang it on their MVP, Buster Posey. Buster is what the game is all about. He’s passionate, good at his job, handles the media with charm, and he perseveres. A true champion! While I’m handing out kudos, give Hunter Pence, the shining star out in right field, a contract. Madison Bumgarner, the twenty-four-year old hard throwing lefty looks good for the future, and Marco Scutaro still has plenty of gas left in the tank.


Bruce Bochy and pitching coach Dave Righetti have their work cut out for them, but if anyone can keep the Giants ship floating, and get it sailing in the right direction, it’s Bruce and Dave. Go Giants!


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  1. I just wanted to say that these are all fine points. There is certainly a lot of work to be done here. They need another starter and possibly two depending on what Lincecum decides to do As for hitting…where did it all go?
    They need one very good bat in either left or center, Pagan could move to left if they find a speedy good center fielder who can hit.
    Ben you have spelled it all out very nicely, and yes I to believe in Boch and Rags to get it done.

  2. Sorry Ken I said Ben forgive me, I’ve been away for a couple of weeks, I may have even forgotten my wife’s name…although I better not!

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