Fundamentals, Waa!


Well, this season isn’t exactly going the way I thought it was going to. Today, I am taking an even bigger step off the beaten path. I am going to defend Puig against his critics. This is partly because if I write anything about the Giants I will end up crying, and partly because I think Puig is the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas, the sh**.


“Fundamentals.” “He lacks fundamentals.” “He won’t be able to deliver when it counts because he needs to solidify his fundamentals.”


If I could get a guy on the Giants to completely turn the season around, bat .352 with 12 home runs, and play balls out in the outfield, he could hold the bat with his butt cheeks for all I care. Puig is amazing. He’s a winner. These people complaining about him are probably the same guys that were touting Tebow a starter because he knew how to win, even though he couldn’t hit the side of a barn.


He is hitting .352!!!!!! Are these baseball purists so blind that they can’t throw the fundamentals argument out the window on this one? What does he have to do, hit .400? The differences in his style are part of what makes him so great. He is unpredictable. You can’t really plan for him because what worked yesterday may not work today. Look at Vladimir Guerrero. Pitch him a strike, a ball low, a ball high, way out of the strike zone, he may swing at it, and he may hit it out of the park!


Puig is 22 and turning the sport on it’s head. He is a lightning rod. Donny Baseball was on his way out the door, I was ecstatic, the Giants were on top of the world, their payroll made them look almost as dumb as the Angels, and the BAM!! PUIG!! He almost made the fricken All-Star team when he was only up for a month!! (and he should have been).


I love Puig. I hate the jersey and the team, but I love me some Puig. He is the flashiest guy in baseball, he is beyond humble, he loves baseball, and he plays the way you should play the game. He is perfect. Being a little unconventional (when it works) is what separates the good from the great, the stars from the regulars. This kid is a star, and a smart one. He will have ups and downs, he will have to adjust his game depending on the situation, and this kid is going to have a great career (probably all in Dodger blue). Shut up and enjoy it. #JoeyWestCoast.     


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  1. Joey you are preaching to the choir. I hope Puig never changes as his style of play is refreshing. But why does he have to play for the Dodgers?

  2. Just to let the readers know the foundation of principles of the writer tagged Joeywestcoast. His real name, as listed on the web site, is Joe Reghitto. He is a confessed child molester. He was arrested on May 4th 2012. His criminal violations happened when he was a vice principal at a local high school in San Jose Ca where he admitted to police that he sexually violated a 16 year old girl. The matter is still in the courts. Do a web search of Joe Reghitto and you will see all the news broadcasts and press releases of his arrest. He will, hopefully, be in jail soon, if justice is served. Just thought you all should know.

    • To the man above called “Mac” who we all know what that is. Go get a fucking hobby now that your fatass is too embarrassed to be seen around school. This is a simple sports blog that has no need for this false nonsense to be around.

  3. Great article by the way, keep at it.

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