Last week we had some exciting matchups in Mascotapalooza, and we saw some favorites go home early. In case you missed it, get caught up with all the action here: https://baseballrevival.wordpress.com/2013/08/04/2013-mascotapalooza-round-one/#more-8853

We’re down to the sweet 16, so lets begin


Baxter The Bobcat V. Bernie The Brewer

Image Image

You know. The more I look at Baxter. The more frightened I become. I mean there’s just something about him that is scary. Right? And not in a good way. In a really, really, really weird way. So. I’ve gotta give it to the Brewmaster. Because. Well. I don’t want to see Baxter again. But then again. Do we really want to see that picture of Bernie again? Whatever. Bernie wins. 

D-Backs Luchador V. Fredbird


You already know who won. Why are you even reading. Just move on to the next one.

Lou Seal V. Mr. Met


Lou Seal is a GREAT mascot, don’t get me wrong, but Mr. Met is a king in the mascot world. He won, but it’s pretty dang close.

Orbit V. Paws

No seriously. Look at how freaking awesome Orbit looks. There’s just something about his colors and design. AND HE’S A FREAKING ALIEN. He wins. 


Also, I’m pretty sure that picture was taken during the game. Yes. With the empty seats. 

Phillie Phanatic V. The Pieorgis

I was going to try and find a YouTube clip that displays how awesome the Phanatic is, but I couldn’t pick one. Seriously. He’s awesome. No contest. 



DJ Kitty V. Rangers Captain

Do I need to remind you how AMAZING DJ KITTY IS? I do? Ok.



Slider V. Southpaw

Me and My mom take weekend trips to Minor League baseball games, and one of our favorite mascots is in Aberdeen Maryland. Why do we like it so much? Because, it’s name and it’s design works on 2 or 3 different levels. And Southpaw is the exact same way. It’s just… Perfect. I love it. Well. The name anyway.


Swinging Friar V. T.C. The Bear

Seriously. I love the Swinging Friar. It’s just so “What?”. And he looks…. Well…. I don’t know how to accurately describe how weird he looks.



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