The Philosophy of Hope, French Poets and The Inside-Out Swing which is the A’s Second Half Thus Far


Jean-Marie Guyau had a French name but an Oakland soul

Reflecting on the concept of hope, French Philosopher and Poet, Jean-Marie Guyau, wrote, “When we hope for something grand, we draw from the beauty of the goal the courage to brave all obstacles. If the chance of reaching it diminishes, the desire grows proportionally. The farther from reality lies the goal, the more desirable it is, and since desire is the supreme force it has the greatest amount of force at its service.” In a nut shell that even Stomper could wrap his adorable trunk around, what Jean-Marie Guyau is saying is that the A’s offense needs to pick it up big time but he’s still a huge fan of the green and gold and even though life after the All-Star break has been a little more than disappointing, you gotta’ have hope.

There’s no way to sugar coat the A’s second half thus far so I won’t offend you or the pragmatic left field bleacher crew by doing so. Even though they are only two games under .500 after the break, the majority of those 8 wins were come from behind victories in which the offense was dormant until the opposing team’s lackluster bullpen came in to gift wrap the game to the A’s. Although a win’s-a-win and the A’s record now stands at 8-10, it really should be more like the lowly 4-14 they’ve been playing like. At this point, A’s hitters are a hitting a combined .230 avg. which is 27th in MLB. They are 20th in homeruns at 14 and tied for 17th with extra base hits. Pitching, like it has all year, is doing relatively well on the stat sheets but arms are beginning to look weary as of late.

“Should we not take a step away from fear that one day the earth will slide away from under our feet?” Jean-Marie wrote that and I suppose he speaks for the eternal A’s optimist given that there still is a lot of season left and we still haven’t seen the offense truly begin to click. At the same time, when you have folks who are still hitting under .200 like Chris Young (and most likely soon to be Josh Reddick), your faith that something good has to come for this anemic offense begins to flat line. But perhaps French-Oaklander, Jean-Mareazy Fo’ Sheazy, was right when he wrote, “…we have something in our hands, not the truth perhaps (who will ever hold it?), but at least the spirit that wants to discover it”, because if the entire team is in a slump right now (with the notable exception of Eric Sogard. Nerd Power killing it!), and the team in question is historically not a poor offensively performing team, then the offense will, at some point, wake up! I mean, right?!

The only goal in this awakening though has to be that it happens soon as the A’s have already squandered a 5 game lead in about a week’s time and you don’t want Texas getting any hotter and then need to chase them like last season.  I mean, I’m not hitting the panic button too hard when I say the team on the field now needs to get going or the hopes of the playoff run will go the way of JMG and die from a long, suffering bout with pulmonary disease. Okay, given I just said that, maybe I’m panicking a little.

In times like these though, perhaps I’m not the best or most convenient fan to have on the side of the green stampede because in times like these you need hope. You need guys like Jean-Marie Guyau (who, although extremely dead) showing up to games in great spirits and believing that the offense will start clicking any day now and will finally take some strain off the starting pitching. Believing that Jerry Blevins will finally get back into his groove and that Yoenis will once again be a menace no matter how improbable that seems right now. Jean-Marie, you’re right! It’s time I fear not this offensive drought and think of it only as a temporary bump on the road to October.

“Looking far into the past or the future is not the only thing; one must look into oneself. One must see there the living forces that demand to be expended and we must act.” Very true, Guyau, very true. Let’s act like we’re the AL West Champions we are, stop farting around and get the green and gold machine firing on all cylinders once again! Of course, there is the slight possibility that Jean-Marie Guyau could be talking about what a bummer it is to have pulmonary disease in mid to late 1800’s France but I highly doubt it.


French Philosopher and Poet, Jean-Marie Guyau, would find the antics of, Stomper, simply delightful as well as too legit too quit. 


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  1. I thought their 6 game lead would be something that would hold up. Shows how fast a 5 game lead can vanish. Maybe the Rangers are having their run now, but September is not here yet.

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