Do you know what a PED is? Neither does Bud Selig. Do you care what a PED is? Neither does Bud Selig.

A PED is just a term that is not in any way clear cut or objective. Technically, a PED is a Performance Enhancing Drug, but the term is used broadly. It sounds intimidating, but it can mean anything from a cup of coffee (contains caffeine), that we all know gives you a bit of a wake-up if you’re feeling tired, to an Advil (contains ibuprofen) that can relieve the pain if you have a headache.

A PED can mean an anabolic steroid, which can increase body mass. It can also be a diuretic, like a water pill, that flushes excess water from your body if you’re feeling bloated. Feeling a bit nervous, a shot of alcohol can calm your nerves, but you’d be using a PED.

PED’s can also be used if you want to break the MLB Union. Are players  getting too rich? Time to let them know who’s boss. They must be on PED’s. Was that a protein bar I saw you eating? That’s a 50 game suspension. Did someone say they saw you take a vitamin pill? Oh-oh, you’re banned for 250 games and I don’t have to honor that big contract I signed either – you dirty PED user!

Was Babe Ruth using PED’s when he was injected with an extract of sheep testicles? Was Mickey Mantle using PED’s when he was given a shot of a chemical cocktail of amphetamines? What about Sandy Koufax? Was he using PED’s when he had to be injected with cortisone before going out on the field?

If  MLB wants to declare injecting testosterone or human growth hormone illegal, fine. Then make testosterone and human growth hormone illegal. They implemented that policy in 2003, and asked any players who may have been injected to step forward, with a promise of confidentiality and without consequence. Oops! You confessed using prior to the ban? Too bad sucker, you’re banned for life!

Now get out there, you baseball athletes, and do as you’re told. We own you, and you have no rights. We won’t protect you, or support you, or stand by you. We support ourselves. We’re 30 owners, and we make the rules, and we change the rules, according to what’s favorable for us.

Let’s get real. It’s not about PED’s, it’s about money.


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  1. Oh god how l love this topic from another perspective…BRAVO KEN!

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