Horse Sheesh


In one of the ugliest weeks in baseball history I am finding myself on the defensive more than the offensive. The gross generalizations of potential steroid users has gotten me arguing with my radio and TV multiple times during the week, which is not a good look in front of the wife and kid.


There are two arguments in particular that got me cussing at my TV. I will take each individually, and then as an added bonus I will make a point about Johnny Manziel that has nothing to do with the rest of the article, but I think it’s a good point (and I don’t have enough ammo to write a whole article).


Colin Cowherd argued the other morning that steroids are a big issue in baseball because of the high percentage of Latin players. His connection is that Latin countries are generally poorer, which means the players have more of an incentive to make sure they succeed in MLB so they can help their families back home. That may be true, but the argument was that it’s a “Latin” problem, which is horse doo doo. They busted one clinic, not “the” clinic. Everyone knows someone they can call to get steroids. I would assume most athletes would be intelligent and not go someplace that everyone else is going. Most deal with individuals. On top of that, just because a majority of those players suspended were Latin does not mean that a majority of the users are.


Anyone who plays baseball has an incentive to take steroids at some point in their career. Getting in the league, staying in the league, recovering from injury (and I think all pro sports would benefit from injured players rehabbing with HGH), contract years, playoff “freshness,” etc. The penalties don’t deter anyone, and everyone would benefit. Barry Bonds had zero reason to take them and he did anyways, because as with everything in life there is always room for improvement. To isolate this as a Latin issue is ridiculous, and I was disappointed in Colin for even making the argument.


The other argument is: “players benefit from steroids more in MLB and track than other sports.” Are you f’ing kidding me? Do we still think that steroids are about strength? Is this the 80s? Its not a weight lifting competition, it’s a sport. Steroids are about recovery, hand-eye coordination, and battling fatigue.


Pretty sure every athlete in the universe could benefit from bettering those things. The reason there aren’t more busts in other sports is because those sports don’t want to deal with what MLB is dealing with. You don’t think there is HGH in football? RGIII and AP exploded their knees and were/are healthy for opening day 8 months later. Give me a break. Better hand eye coordination and recovery are pretty much everything in the NBA, NFL, NHL, etc.


Every athlete on earth would benefit from steroids and HGH. There is no way in hell that this is a track and baseball issue, nor is it a Latin issue. It is way more widespread than people want to admit, and I don’t blame them, it is an ugly side of sports, but please be realistic.


And now for nothing to do with the rest of the article, Johnny Manziel. He is always excusing his behavior because he is only 20, he is not any different than anyone else his age. My argument is that is the problem. Leaders are born, not made. Whether he is 20, or 30, a successful QB in the NFL is a leader (which is why Cam sucks and will never win anything). Bryce Harper, who is also 20, got tagged on purpose the other day. Did he act like a typical 20 year old? No. Why? Because us a leader. He knows his team needs him down the stretch if they are going to have any chance of making the post season. Leader? Absolutely. Manziel? Absolutely Not.




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