Best Ballpark Food

Of the 30 current MLB ballparks, I’ve been lucky enough to take in a game at 10 of them. When I’m able to get to the stadium early enough to grab food before gluing myself to my seat for the coming hours, I’m thrilled. Baseball? Love. Food? Love. Baseball and food? Yes, please. I’m a total foodie and as much as I love eating delicious food, I love eating local specialties, or “stadium specialties”.

In honor of the new Waffle House at Turner Field, here are my food favorites from each park I’ve been to (sadly I have not yet been to Turner Field).

Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Grilled Bistro Chicken Sandwich. Or, if you want to stick with what you know, there is a California Pizza Kitchen and a Panda Express there, too. Don’t worry about missing the game when you sneak away, there are HUGE screens in the outdoor eatery where you can watch the game without trying to peak over the head of the guy in front of you.

Busch Stadium

I’ll be honest, I think I ate pizza both times I was there. It was also 110+ degrees both of those days and I really only remember my dad putting his head in a bowl of ice before he left early, while I stayed alone to watch the Dodgers take on the Cards.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Crab Waffle Fries AND anything from Boog’s BBQ. Former Orioles 1st baseman Boog Powell owns the stand located inside the stadium on Eutaw Street. Also, if you’ve never had crabs/crab cakes IN MARYLAND before, definitely try a crab cake, too. You may have had crab cakes before, but never a true Maryland style one.

Citi Field

Shake Shack! Yes, the delicious milkshakes are available elsewhere in NYC, but get one at Citi to make your day at the ballpark extra dessert-y.

Citizens Bank Park

Philly Cheesesteak. Duh. Any one is sure to do the trick, but the real Philly foodies say Campo’s is the way to go.

Dodger Stadium

The Dodger Dog. I don’t even like hot dogs, but it’s a must-try even if it’s just to say you had one.


Last time I was there I got a healthy turkey wrap from one of the FriarFit food carts. Petco has tons of healthy options (and gluten free, too!). I’ve heard the shrimp tacos are amazing, and I’ll be sure to grab them when I’m there next weekend for the Mets v Padres!

PNC Park

Any sandwich from Primanti Brothers. They put french fries right on the sandwich! I know we all end up doing that anyway, but this takes the work out of the equation.

Safeco Field

Garlic fries. I know this is technically a specialty of AT&T park, but Safeco does a pretty solid job. (I’ve never been to AT&T so I can’t compare. Please don’t hit me with a garlic fry.) For something more “Seattle-y”, try some salmon.

Wrigley Field

North Side Twist. It is a ginormous soft pretzel with a bunch of different dips on the side, both sweet and savory.

Let me know what your stadium favorites are! I’d love to add your picks to my bucket list! (I think between all of the writers here at BaseballRevival we have visited all 30 active stadiums.)


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  1. Melissa when you finally get to AT&T Park in San Fran, aside from the park (which you will love, by the way sit in the upper deck down the right field line the views are outstanding) there are the garlic fries, and check out “Orlando’s Caribbean BBQ” on the promenade. Get the Cha-Cha bowl you’ll love it! The Press-Box folks get spoiled here.

  2. Campo’s in Philly is great, but our crab fries make a great side to the cheesesteak. Of course, this duo is in no way healthy, but it’s worth at least one try if you’re making a short stop in the area!

  3. Of all the things you remember about our trip to St.L, it is when I stuck my head in a bucket of ice. It was, after all, 110 degrees. If I was in the same situation today, I would do it again.

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