Hanging By A Thread

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red SoxBy Geary Kaczorowski

Yeah, yeah, I know, I didn’t write my blog last week. I have no excuse for that. Perhaps I was waiting for the Biogenesis suspensions to happen, or perhaps I was being lazy. And perhaps it’s a combination of those and possibly other reasons that I haven’t explored. I’m sure baseball didn’t miss my insights much.

But I’m back and I’m ready to fully stand behind the Red Sox who are currently hanging on by a thread in the AL East. The annoyingly good Tampa Bay Rays have scrapped their way to the top of the division while the Baltimore Orioles and hated New York Yankees have begun to fade away.

So for the Red Sox it’s not really that dire of a situation. When you look at the numbers Boston has the 4th best run differential in all of baseball which is not too shabby for a team that was supposed to go nowhere this year. With the addition of Jake Peavy at the trade deadline the Red Sox look headed to the playoffs.

This team is staying right where it’s been for the most part the season which is first place. It’s theirs to loose, and as I write this I see tonight they might actually switch places with those maddening Rays. The Houston Astros are having their way with Red Sox pitching. But there’s something about the pesky nature of this years Red Sox that makes me always feel they can pull out a win under the worst of circumstances.

It’s painful though to watch the Astros beating the hometown team. It’s painful to watch the Astros beating any team. Houston shutout Boston last night so another loss tonight would be a very bad, embarrassing thing for this team. Seriously, the Astros are the Buzzards Bay Raiders of major league baseball and not a team the Red Sox should be losing to.

Can’t win ‘em all though, which brings to mind the decline of the Arizona Diamondbacks and the amazing ascension of the LA Dodgers. Honestly, where did those Dodgers come from? They were looking DOA at one point this season, but now hold a commanding lead in the NL West. Puig fever must in full blown mode in LA. Incredible.

Incredible can also describe the baseball in Pittsburgh. The Pirates beating St. Louis last week to gain a couple games on the Cardinals has got to give that team a huge boost. They’ve got the second best record in baseball, after the Red Sox, and while they may not have the offensive power the Cardinals do, they don’t really need it, not with the incredible pitching staff they have.

When you look at the NL East and Atlanta’s complete domination of that division, and Detroit’s struggle in the AL Central to fend off both Cleveland and Kansas City you have got to love baseball. When I looked at the standings before yesterdays’ games the Tigers, Indians and Royals had all gone 9-1 in their last 10 games. That is one tough division. And the main reason we watch baseball.


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