Brian Wilson Is My Ex Girlfriend


I can speak for all Giants fans when I say: puke!!

 The Beard is in Dodger blue. The face of the franchise just a couple years ago went to our hated rivals. It wouldn’t hurt as bad if we didn’t suck right now. If we were in first place and the Dodgers were still cellar dwelling I don’t think we would care, but this is salt in the wounds of a pretty disappointing season. (I still think we are going to make a run at the end of the season for the division title. We just need a little fire under our butts to gel better).

 People up here are pissed. “He’s a traitor”, “no loyalty”, blah blah blah. While it does make me want to puke, we could have signed him in the offseason and we could have made an offer this week, but we didn’t, and he’s gone. He is our ex. We don’t want him, but neither can you.

 We would have been cool with just about anyone other than the Dodgers, but we were not so lucky. I thought he was going to go to the Orioles earlier this season, seeing as we already know he looks good in black and orange, but nope, he went to HelL.A. instead. Barf. I think he summed it up really well when interviewed by some dude on TMZ, “When 29 teams don’t want you and one team does, what am I supposed to do, not play baseball?” He loves the game, he wants to compete, and he’s worked hard the last year and a half to get himself in a position to do so. I hope he does great and can resurrect his career (just not against us and not in important division games down the stretch, but other than that…).  

 All puking aside, B Willy is a great fit for the town and the club. They get a proven winner, and he gets a spotlight in tinsel town. The Dodgers are on a pretty sweet second half run. They have a “should have been” all-star in Puig, their pitching is clicking, and now they have a great set up guy or closer in Wilson. They are tearing it up since the break and doing at without their best player, it’s a pretty amazing feat.

 Good luck in LA B Willy. I am very thankful I never got your jersey, but you will be missed. Here’s a “got heeeeeeeeeeem” for the road. #JoeyWestCoast   


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