For Kansas City, The Division Is Within Reach


There is a reason why Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost is smiling. His team has pulled from behind with 6 straight wins. With Alex Gordon’s 2-run homer in the 12th inning, the royals beat the White Sox 4-2 and pulled into a 51-51 record.

Finally, Ned Yost has his team in a position to taste victory and looking to a bright future. Playing consistently will be a deciding factor in securing that bright future, and a spot for the Royals in the playoffs.


The Royals pitching mound is generating power, with right-handed ‘Big Game’ Jim Shields as their pitching ace, and a supporting cast that is coming up big time. Ervin Santana has been dynamite, ans starters Aaron Crow and Bruce Chen are holding their own. Jeremy Guthrie and mark Davis are dependable, and closer Greg Holland is competitive. Ned Yost’s job is to keep the front office, including veteran Royals superstar George Brett – relaxed. They’ve got to stick with these young players.


The young, (under 30) infield has high hopes, with 26-year-old short stop Alcides Escobar, 24-year-old third baseman Mike Moustakas, and 23-year-old catcher Salvador Perez, who is also contributing some great hitting. Designated hitter Billy Butler is playing solid and Lorenzo Cain is doing a great job in center field. The front office needs to stick with what they’ve got, and let these talented young players become the future of the Royals.


With 60 games left, being a long shot sounds good to loyal Royals fans. They’ve waited a long time. Even if they don’t go all the way, winning the division would put the Royals in a winning state of mind for next year and provide hope and inspiration for bigger and better things The future is theirs, and that smile on Ned Yost’s face says it all.


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  1. The Royals have promise and with patience and a few more pieces, the Royals and their fans have good reason to hope.

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