Why I Have Hope for Cleveland…and Why I Shouldn’t


Here’s the thing. I’m excited. Like, really excited, and I know I shouldn’t be. But honestly, I can’t help it. The Indians are 2 and a half games behind Detroit and only a half game back on the O’s in the Wild Card race. While, yes, that would pit the Tribe against the Red Socks, that little thing called hope has been creeping into my system lately. And on top of that, they’re playing really well. Not great, but definitely solid. And certainly good enough to get the job done (or lucky enough, as Giambi’s walk off homer in the 9th vs. the White Sox tonight shows—but hey: a win is a win).

If you’re a Cleveland fan, it’s usually about this time of the year that you start to see the team slide into a downward spiral of silly shoulda-been-wins and last minute heartbreakers. Years and years of failed hopes have made me, certainly, into a doubter to an extent much like any Cleveland fan with an interest in self preservation. I usually like to start distancing myself from the team by now, if only to preserve that voice in my head that keeps saying, “Maybe next year”. And since we’ll be playing Detroit next week as well as division leaders Oakland and Atlanta later in August, I probably should get on with that tradition sooner rather than later.

But watching some solid Cleveland baseball lately—and perhaps a bit of over-optimism—has got me clinging to the idea that maybe this year, we’ll make the playoffs somehow. Whether its pulling ahead of Detroit or getting through the tough month of August and coming out on top, ready to face Baltimore in September, I think maybe, just maybe, the Tribe can keep it together enough to prove me right.

Everything tells me that I should just keep cheering while actually gathering myself for football season and the catastrophe that will inevitably be the Browns’ season. But for some reason I just can’t get rid of that silly little thing called hope.


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  1. Francona has them playing well and yet hope may mean next year looks better.

  2. Exactly. Unfortunately, that happens to be the trend almost every year it seems.

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