The Future Of The New York Mets Is In The Future !


Forget about the Mets doing anything substantial this year. They’ll be lucky to end up playing 500 ball. But all is not lost! The Mets are a team that’s getting back on track. They’re headed in the right direction, and building for a bright future. Giving credit where credit is due, the hopeful outlook lies with Manager Terry Collins.

Terry Collins had been out of managing in the majors for some time, and he was handed a lame duck when he signed on with the team. Considering what Terry has to work with, he’s juggling his line-up effectively, keeping the team focused on a winning attitude, and staying afloat. Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson is crucial in the quest for a championship team. As much as I hate to admit it, Sandy is going to have to spend some money. Not a lot of money, but some money all the same.

I’m a believer in pitching and defense being the core of success in baseball. That doesn’t mean that the offense can be disregarded all together, as it appears to be in the current Mets roster. They are not even where they need to be defensively, but they’re getting there. They have players that are good defensively, like first-baseman Ike Davis, but Ike is struggling offensively to bat 180. That’s a problem.


David Wright is as good as it gets. He’s the face to build the team around. He’s a young All-Star who is charismatic and thrilling to watch.


Matt Harvey is a gem right handed power pitcher. He knows how to control the plate and he keeps the team in the game. Matt can go the distance with 7-8 innings while still being able to slip in his 100 mph fast ball. Zack Wheeler is acceptable as a pitcher, definitely someone the Mets want to hold onto.


Still, there is no steady offensive player. Marlon Byrd is leading the team in statistics. Daniel Murphy seems to be a good choice for hitting in the second spot.

Terry Collins needs a great short-stop and a left-fielder. If he can get Sandy Alderson to open his checkbook, the Mets will be competitive and looking forward to the playoffs.


Posted on July 26, 2013, in 2017. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Your right Ken, defense and pitching are the two key ingredients, but like you suggested hitting cannot be disregarded. I think the Mets are starting to piece it together though.

    • As always I appreciate your feedback and support. I enjoyed your ‘Second Chance’ article immensely. It has inspired me to write a piece on the Royals. I think they have a Fairy God-manager on their side, and they could make some miracles happen. Have a great week and thanks again, Ken Perry

  2. Thanks Ken you as well, and thanks for the kind comments, much appreciated.

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