MLB Trade Deadline Theatre

Ah yes, that magical time of the year is upon us yet again. Usually around the beginning of June, we start hearing rumors and speculation regarding player movement. Once July arrives, this speculation begins to gain more and more traction, particularly during the All-Star break, when the absence of actual game action creates a vacuum that is filled with endless trade talk.

As the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline approaches, and teams become more desperate, actual deals begin to take shape, and some are actually closed, while the hyperbole continues to run rampant.

Personally, I enjoy this time of year in MLB land. I follow the rumors and innuendo with great interest. Of course, in this wonderful age of technology that we find ourselves, information has never been easier to obtain. Anyone craving their fix can enter cyberspace whenever they please, where sources, both legitimate and suspect, abound.

Twitter in particular has changed the way we gather and disseminate information. A recent example is the endless Matt Garza speculation and subsequent trade from the Cubs to the Rangers. For those of us who follow such matters, Twitter provided a perpetual stream of information.

Of course, the problem with this sort of instant access is that many sources are less than reliable. It is staggering to consider the sheer number of people on the Internet speculating on trade talk, or anything for that matter. The intimate workings of the trade process have been exposed, and the fan is privy to everything, both good and bad.

The Garza saga featured everything from completely erroneous information to constant stops and starts, all of which proved to be rather frustrating to many fans. Personally, I found the whole ordeal fascinating, and in the end the trade was finally completed, with both sides presumably getting what they wanted.

The beauty of this process is in the aftermath as well. The second a trade is consummated, speculation begins on which side fared better, and the minutia is broken down piece by piece. Of course, most trades cannot be judged in the moment, particularly those that involve minor league prospects. Only time will tell how this trade will play out. The Garza trade was interesting on several levels, and I plan on exploring this in more detail next week.

Well folks, this wonderful theatre of the absurd will be ending soon. The MLB trade season holds potential appeal for all fans, whether their team of choice is a buyer, seller, or caught in limbo. There is promise for the future, or perhaps more immediate gratification. Whatever the case, the intrigue can be quite addicting.



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  1. Three more day’s to anticipate possible moves.

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