My Scariest Moments in Baseball

Do you remember where you were August 11, 2005? I do.

Just weeks after my 16th birthday I traveled alone to Long Island to visit my Aunt and Uncle. After they went to bed I found myself looking for something to do – 16 year olds don’t easily fall asleep at 10pm. I flipped on FSN New York to watch the Mets game, as they were out west playing the Padres. This was the first time I watched a Mets game on television, alone, at my own will.

That night was August 11, 2005.

I watched Carlos Beltran and Mike Cameron collide.

The tv was barely 15″. I had to sit inches away from it just to attempt to read the jersey numbers. I don’t remember hearing the commentators, but knowing Keith Hernandez was there. I remember watching Ray Ramirez, the trainer, who at the time I didn’t know, rush to Cameron’s side. I sat in disbelief, my hand covering my mouth, fighting tears.

Somehow that terrifying moment didn’t tear me away from the game forever, but hooked me instantly.

Watching Tim Hudson break his ankle last night brought me back almost 8 years. Yesterday, 2005 really did feel like yesterday.

Sitting at my desk, my eyes swelled with tears and my hand covered my mouth. This was so similar to 2005, yet so different. It’s like this time I had a much different understanding of the game and of the players, knowing that Hudson might never be the same, and knowing how much of an emotional toll this would take on players and fans of every team.

The look in Eric Young Jr.’s eyes says it all.

Don’t tell me there’s no crying in baseball. I’ll prove you wrong. And if that’s not good enough for you, EY Jr. can convince you.

(If you are interested in watching the 2005 collision, you can find it here:

(You can watch Hudson’s injury here:


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  1. Tom Hanks didn’t see what happened to Tim Hudson. Yeah, at Tim’s age having an injury of this nature is very disturbing Melissa, and I truly hope he can come back from it.

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