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          As I am watching and listening to the implosion of Ryan Braun, hearing all the disgust, the feelings of betrayal, the questions, I am left wondering if anyone really cares, besides the teammates that the suspended player screwed? And I don’t mean care in the sense that you have an opinion on it, because everyone will. But care to the extent that you are no longer a Ryan Braun fan, that he pissed you off so much, that you can’t stand to wear his jersey. I think I am pretty safe in saying that no one that angry with the situation lives in Milwaukee, because he’s still your boy. 

            The Braun situation forces me to look at Barry Bonds, my hometown anti-hero. Bonds is, without a doubt, the greatest baseball player I have ever seen with my own eyes. Once I saw his greatness, I couldn’t erase it, and that is baseball’s biggest problem. You can suspend players for 50 games, or 65 (without explanation where the extra ones came from. I can guess, but it would be nice to know). But once they are back, you love them again. Why? Because they are great players and they help you win, and winning is what matters most to fans. We all have had a-holes on our team, and when they are “your” a-holes, they are a-ok! T.O. is a total jerk-off, but when you catch a game winning TD while time expires against the Packers in the playoffs…….well……… we can let some stuff slide (until you become a stupid Cowboy. I’m talking to you too Prime Time).

            There was never a time when Bonds didn’t get 100% support every time he took the field. He didn’t get it anywhere else, but home is home for a reason. The only reason we took a dump on Cabrera so hard last year was because we thought he f’d our chances of a run in the post season. Turns out we didn’t need him at all. So off to Toronto you go! The Brew Crew sucks with Braun, they are going to be the Astros without him. When he comes back, he will come back to open arms. The Brewers fans aren’t stupid, and neither are the Giants fans. We know what our guys are doing, but they are OUR guys. They help US win. As long as they do that, we can look the other way when we need to. “Of course, it was flax seed oil!” “What needle marks in your butt?”I am sure the teammates are pissed at Braun, but it’s not like this is a playoff year for them. He didn’t blow anything for the team. In fact, people are actually paying attention to them now! Any press is good press, right? Maybe.

            I am not for this, but if baseball wants to get serious, and really stop the juicing, they need to treat PEDs like cycling. What does 50 games mean? What’s a hundred? Baseball plays what seems like a 1000 games a year. Its like fining a player a $1000 when they make $25 mil a year. Who cares? In the career of an All-Star and former MVP, Braun can chill the rest of the year, figure out how to juice through a doctor that won’t spill the beans, and come back next year better than ever, while only losing a fraction of his contract. He lives in Milwaukee, pretty sure the cost of living isn’t skyrocketing. He can take the $3.5 hit. After all, he still has that restaurant with the other A Rod. (It would be hilarious if he opened a juice bar after his suspension. How f’ing funny would that be?) 

            With as much coverage as this all is getting, when it comes down to it, who cares? If he is not on your team, you are disgusted. If he was on your team, you would be upset but not enough to throw your jersey away. Why? Because he’s a great player, and he helps you win. As a fan, winning is all you can care about. #JoeyWestCoast.



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  1. But as a fan I also care about the reputation and integrity of my favorite team’s players. The thing that most people get upset about, I think, is not that Braun took an illegal substance, but that he LIED about it. That’s why so many people lost respect for Bonds, Clemens, and such. Of course we stare in awe at their performances, but they lose dignity when they don’t own up to their mistakes. However, you make a compelling point. 50-75 game suspension is not a huge blow, especially for a team that probably won’t make the playoffs or isn’t even in the hunt. And all fans care about, at least their number one priority, is winning.

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