Why Ryan Braun doing the right thing… Was the wrong thing to do.

Incase you haven’t heard, Monday night, Major League Baseball suspended Ryan Braun for the remainder of the regular season and the postseason (not that the Brewers were headed there) for PED use. This was the first domino to fall from the Biogenesis Investigation, and it was also the biggest. Here’s why.
By excepting the suspension, Ryan Braun has screwed his fellow players over, by saying “Yes, the information the MLB has is accurate, and true.”, effectively killing any argument the Players Union planned on making with an arbitrator. It also shows that the league has been negotiating with players for awhile, which means we should expect more uncontested suspensions to come soon.
Quite frankly, I found it shocking that Ryan Braun was the player to break from the union- “Settle it in court to give you more playing time.” stance, especially after he adamantly disputed steroid allegations the last time he was accused. The fact that he flip flopped so big on this, going from “I have never used PED’s” to “I have made some mistakes” in less then a year makes me wonder if he plans on running for a political office soon. It also makes me wonder just how strong the league’s evidence is.
In the long run, I suppose it actually works out for Braun. The Brewers are out of contention and him playing wouldn’t change that. I imagine that he’d rather sit the rest of this year out and watch his team continue its terrible stretch down in the cellar (or the none-cubs cellar) without him, and come back next year when there is a tad more hope for the Brew Crew. More suspensions should be coming soon, and don’t be surprised if you see weak resistance from the players. The MLB is cracking down on PED’s yet again, and Ryan Braun is its poster child.

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  1. It makes sense for him for 2 reasons. Braun’s season was lost anyway. He needs to sit for a long period of time in order to let his thumb heal. He has not been productive with a sore thumb and has already spent time on the DL for it. The other reason is that regardless of whether or not he used PEDs, MLB has made it clear that they will continue to go after him. Hopefully, this will be the end of it.

    • Yes, the right thing for him, the worst possible thing for the Union. He just shot every other player being investigated in the foot and then walked away.

  2. “…makes me wonder if he plans on running for a political office soon.” I appreciate this plug!

  3. I guess you could say that Braun has screwed his fellow players over. But MLB must have some concrete evidence against him otherwise Braun would have never fessed up. Maybe it’s appropriate for him to be the poster child if he’s glaringly guilty. If the names of the other players involved are released soon, though, he might not be the poster child for long.

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