Seattle Mariners finally start to sweep opponents.

I have ranted a couple of times in my articles about how angry i was at the Mariners inability to sweep opponents. It’s embarrassing when you have no sweeps three and a half months into the season, even if you under perform like the Mariner’s constantly do. But right before the All Star Break that changed.

The M’s were able to get there first sweep over the Los Angeles Angles, who are one of the few teams that actually under perform more then Seattle does. The M’s outscored the Angles 18-6 throughout the series and won a close game on Sunday, a game that it seams like they would normally drop.

Immediately following the break, they would sweep a three game series with the Astros. I understand that it’s the Astros, and that they are one of the worst teams in baseball. But to become better, you have to beat the teams that you are supposed to beat. Maybe i would not be as excited if the M’s had barely won all three games but they dominated the Astros in two of them, and had fantastic starting pitching performances from Felix Hernandez, Hisashi Iwakuma, and Joe Saunders.

The Mariners are on a six game win streak and things look like they are looking up for the M’s. King Felix is looking like the best pitcher in baseball and the young guys are finally producing. Hopefully the M’s can keep it going so i won’t have to write more depressing articles about them.


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  1. And they have a longer winning streak than the World Champion Giants have managed all season. Cause to be optimistic to be sure Victor.

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