Orioles (Re)Rebirth and the Art of Believing.

I should preface this with 2 facts.
1) I am not a serious Orioles fan. I am a Pirates fan. But I live in Maryland, and have visited all their minor league affiliates (or at least the 5 important ones).
2) I am 15 years old, and although I do have what some consider a rich understanding of the games history, my historical insight is limited.
Perhaps those 2 facts make me the perfect person to write this. Maybe they make me the worst. I don’t care. All I know, is that going to Orioles Park at Camden Yards is fun again. 
 I went to a game right before the all star break, and the atmosphere was unlike any other time I’d went. People came early. People cheered during BP. People (finally) screamed “O!” during the national anthem. Heck, they even screamed it during O’ Canada. And this was all just pre-game. 
Now’s a good time to Mention that Chris Davis is a monster. Every time he stepped up, you EXPECTED a homer. And it didn’t even seem that crazy to expect that. And you know what might be even crazier? He delivered. He crushed a baseball into the stands early in the game to give the Orioles the lead. And by the end of the game, fans where already asking him, heckling him, for another. 
But not everything is great in the charm city. I overheard one fan say “Ya it’s fun, but I really don’t put my heart into the team. I’ve been burned too often.” A statement that one could argue rings true for a lot of O’s fans, and one I can relate to as a Pirates fan. It’s great to see the Orioles, and the Pirates, doing well, but fans of both teams are still too cautious to dive down deep and throw themselves into the teams. We’ve been burnt before. And as much as we want to believe, as much as we say we do believe, fans of both teams, are on edge. Waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Take my dad for example, someone I got back into baseball after a long hiatus. After 2 close losses, he went on a Facebook rant demanding the Pirates make a trade. Why? Because he thought he saw the other shoe slipping out of our hands. The Orioles fans I know are no different, and although they made the playoffs last season, they are still concerned. 
Yes, the Orioles lost that day, but who cares? We might be on edge constantly, waiting for that other shoe, but it’s fun to be a fan again. Finally. 

About Chris

I'm just a 15 year old Pirates fan.

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  1. Hey Chris… Kudos… not because you are “just 15” but because you deliver the message like a cagey veteran pitcher painting the corners of home plate…. “ssssSSSTRIIIIIIKUHHhh three! You’re out!” (Umpire)… “And Chris retires the side again in the third inning and the Pirates lead 3-0. We’ve got a phenom on our hands here. He sure doesn’t look like just any rookie we’ve seen in while. Good things coming from him in the future for this franchise for sure… stay tuned… (announcer) [Cut to commercial]

  2. Nice first posting. Congrats on your new gig! Go Bucs!!

  3. Not bad Chris, not bad at all! You and your dad are doing pretty well with both the O’s and Bucs playing as well as they are. Keep up the good writing,

  4. Love it, Chris! As a Baltimore native growing up in the time of Ripken and Anderson, I definitely relate! After Ripken retired it’s like Baltimore lost the love they had for baseball. Love that the O’s are finally getting the credit they deserve!

  5. As a fan who has no particular interest or stake in either the Orioles or the Pirates, I am thrilled for their fan bases. Also, as a Pennsylvanian I am stoked for the Pirates. Of course I wish my Phillies were seriously in contention, but I am happy and proudly root for the Pirates. They have a class act team and good fans. I hope they continue their success.

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