You heard it here first: Season-ending Predictions


By Lisa R. Neilson

When it comes to baseball, I don’t like making predictions, probably because I’m usually wrong. Last year, I thought the Pirates would pull off their first World Series win since 1979; instead, despite being 16 games over 500 at August 6th, they finished fourth in the NL Central with a 79-83 record. This is just one typical example of my (bad) baseball foresight. I won’t bore you with the countless other miss-guesses I’ve declared in the past, most of which concerned my boys from Flushing.

But as I sit here with the heat index approaching 107 degrees this afternoon, I’ve decided to live life on the wild side and make some season-ending speculations. I got a good look at the best players in Major League Baseball the other night while enjoying this year’s All-Star Game and they got me thinking. I won’t rattle off any of their statistics because frankly, I’d have to go look them up; I’ll leave the numbers to Bill James and those sabermetrics guys. I’m relying on my gut feelings to tell me who’s going to make it to the top this October.

As we start the second half of the 2013 MLB season tonight, here’s who I think will be the MLB leaders in October:

MLB balls

NL East:  Sadly for me, the New York Mets will not be the division winners in the NL East. This, of course, is no newsflash to anyone. The Metropolitans will finish in fourth place again this year but it is possible that their second half will be more successful than last year’s with Harvey and Wheeler in the rotation. I predict that the Braves win the division, followed by the Nationals and then the Phillies. As a long-time Mets fan, there’s little love between myself and the Braves, but their pitching staff is strong and their offense is starting to heat up. They’ll win this one.

NL Central:  Maybe I’m hoping that the Bucs want to honor my prediction from last year, but I can’t help picking the Pirates again this season to win the NL Central. Their dominant bullpen and defensive prowess, not to mention the fact that they are the king of the underdogs, just might be causing America to fall in love with them. I am rooting for this team, and despite an outrageously strong St. Louis Cardinals team, the Pirates remain my top choice.

NL West:  Sorry fellow blogger Paul Mahaney, but this division has been a little boring so far this season (except for Lincecum’s no-no). I think the Dodgers will remain aggressive enough to take first place, but they better watch out for the Colorado Rockies who appear to be gaining some momentum. And what about last year’s champions?  Second to last, right above the San Diego Padres.

AL East:  It’s no shock that this division continues to be full of competition and surprises. Who was expecting the Red Sox to be sitting at the top when the All-Star break rolled around? Not me. I know many analysts are choosing the Red Sox to win this title; I, however, want to see the Baltimore Orioles end up on top. I’ve always been a fan of the O’s, and last year’s loss to the Yankees in the Division Series was disappointing. Anything can happen in this division, though, and it probably will. Stay tuned.

AL Central:  There could be a good race to watch in this division between the Detroit Tigers and the Cleveland Indians. The Tigers have basically underachieved so far, but if they can get their act together they could run away with first place, and possibly win the American League title. Tigers on top.

AL West:  I’m stuck on this one. Part of me believes we’ll see Texas in first place by the end of the season. But the A’s are definitely making a run for it. They’ve been playing solid baseball right from the start so it will be interesting to see who will come out on top. I’m going to lean toward the A’s and their timely hitting, and maybe Home Run Derby Champ Yoenis Cespedes will keep his bat lit up. A’s take first.

NL champs:  Pittsburgh Pirates

AL champs:  Detroit Tigers

World Series champs:  Pittsburgh Pirates


Forewarning:  I don’t suggest placing wagers on any of these predictions. But these are my picks and I’m sticking with them!


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  1. I agree with you Lisa, and on every count I might add, but that NL West prediction really hurt. Did you have to be so brutally honest, ouch! Truth in journalism, you get it here folks.

  2. Hey Lisa… nice post… check out Hugh Fullerton and Joe King they were somewhat famous for, among other things, “doping” or projecting winners in the game. Pretty good company. I always wondered why we fans are drawn to the art of prediction… AND the astrology pages… LOL… just remember that in baseball the real winners usually come out of left field.


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