Abracadabra! Billy Beane Brings The Magic To The Oakland A’s!


How do the Oakland A’s General Manager and front office executive Billy Beane, and Manager Bob Melvin keep pulling fire out of the matchbox?

The A’s, with a modest roster payroll of under $70 million, are on top. They are leading the American League West. Their competition, The Texas Rangers, have a payroll of over $128 million and are in second place. The California Angels, paying more than double the A’s salary, with $142 million, are coming in third.

Bob Melvin knows how to read the cards when it comes to his existing pitching staff. His relief pitcher, Grant Balfour, has been up and down and kicked around for years, but now he’s close to beating Dennis Eckersley’s record as an A’s stopper. At 40 years-old, starting pitcher Bartolo Colon is getting his job done. It sure seems Bob Melvin knows how to call the right shots.

Jed Lowrie is solid at short-stop, Brandon Moss is competitive at first base, and third baseman Josh Donaldson is having a career year.


Yoenis Cespedes the A’s left fielder, and Josh Reddick in right field, have been playing flat so far, but the All-Star break might have given them an added boost. Chris Davis from the Baltimore Orioles was expected to impress in the All-Star Home Run Derby, with the Yankees Robinson Cano and the Mets David Wright picking up the balance of the applause. Surprisingly, it was Yoenis Cespedes who captured the trophy and the cheering crowd. If this indicates that Cespedes has finally caught on fire, there will be no stopping the Oakland A’s.


So please Bud Selig, give the A’s the respect they deserve – a new stadium!


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  1. Amen to that brother!

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