Can ‘Donnie Baseball’ Save His Job?


The pressure has been on Don Mattingly to somehow guide the Los Angeles Dodgers out of their downward spiral. A manager is only as good as his players, and Donnie Baseball’s players have been hurt most of the season. With the Dodgers at a win-loss record of 44-45, Don Mattingly is getting some breaks.

Yasiel Puig, the Cuban Right Fielder they brought up from the minors is hitting 400 in his first 100+ at bats. This is a bright sign for the future, and with some of the other young talent the Dodgers have right now the future is brighter than ever.


That young talent includes: Clayton Kershaw, the left handed, flame throwing starter, Matt Kemp in Center Field, Hanley Ramirez, the short stop who is just getting back on the roster after a thumb injury, and Zach Greinke, the right handed pitcher, signed this year, and finally returning from an injury incurred during a game with Arizona, when a batter charged the mound. Greinke defended himself with a shoulder block that sidelined him for over a month.


Staying healthy is key, and if the Dodgers can do that, look out National League West! If the Dodgers can sweep Arizona tonight, they will be playing 500 baseball.

The National League Western Division isn’t so far off, especially if veteran players like Adrian Gonzales at first, pitcher Ricky Nolasco, and left fielder Carl Crawford play up to par. In the last ten days the Dodgers have jumped from last place to second place, in the race for the National League West.


I’m putting some faith in Magic Johnson who was instrumental in spending some big money. Two out of three ain’t bad. Adrian Gonzales, Carl Crawford, and Josh Beckett all came with hefty price tags, along with Hanley Ramirez, who will undoubtedly become the best short stop in the National League for the next ten years, provided he stays healthy. Josh Beckett is gone for the season, but he seemed to have left his heart in Boston anyway.

There is still hope in L.A.!

No matter what the Dodgers do this season, they shouldn’t give up on Don Mattingly. There’s a reason he’s called ‘Donnie Baseball’ – he knows how to play the game!





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  1. And it will only fan the flames of Dodger fans who have waited for this. As a Giant fan this is truly what I feared.

    • Not to worry buddy. I remember the 60’s! The rivalry between the Giants and Dodgers is good for raising up the competitive spirit. If the Giants can straighten out Cain and get Lincecum into the Bull Pen they’ll be right were you want them. There’s only one Buster Posey, and he makes miracles happen.! Have a good one.. Ken Perry

  2. Thanks Ken needed to hear that, being tested here. Maybe the break is what the doctor ordered.

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