Why I’m Worried About the Giants?

1368993969000-USP-MLB-San-Francisco-Giants-at-Milwaukee-Brewers-1305191607_x-largeBy Paul Mahaney

I made the mistake of waking up yesterday. It all started when I got out of bed and looked at the current standings. There I found the San Francisco Giants sitting near the bottom of the National League West at 39 and 46, only a game ahead of the Padres.

I reasoned the Golden Gate Bridge is not far away, but fortunately that was only a passing thought. Then I thought about the Marlins and the Astros, and although that didn’t make me feel better, at least I didn’t feel worse.

But then I commented about the Giants to my wife, and suddenly there I was at the railing of the bridge again.

“The Giants lost to the Dodgers again last night.” I said. Her response was classic wife, “Why do you even worry about a bunch of people who would not say boo to you if they passed you on the street?” Faced with yet another one of my wife’s “Boring Ball” zingers I went over and curled up into a ball next to our dog in the corner.

So there we laid, two entities in the proverbial doghouse, one contemplating why it is sent to the corner after making an accident on the carpet, and me, contemplating the mysteries of the universe one of which is, why the Giants have fallen so close to the bottom?
I do confess I am worried, but then I ask myself, why?

Well maybe it is because the Giants occupy a rather large and constant area of my universe, namely one quarter known as the television, the second quarter of it being the radio, with the third quarter made up of AT&T Park. The final quarter is the family of which my wife refers to baseball as boring-ball.

Why, why do I worry about Matt Cain and his sporadic control problems? Could it be because he makes more than any other Giant? Hell that is a question within a question? However I am getting good at asking questions.

Why is Tim Lincecum a shell of his former self? Control was never his hallmark, and he is only the master of two really good pitches, one of which has little velocity now, and he might refuse the bullpen full-time. But has anyone ever asked him to go there, much less tell him to do so?

Why Barry Zito only knows how to pitch at home? The dimensions of AT&T Park are far more forgiving than the road is, that could be one explanation, and I am afraid to ask for another.

Why did Ryan Vogelsong have to break his little finger in his best pitched game of the year? Answer, the baseball gods hate us, and I am almost certain some of them are related to Yasiel Puig.

Why is our bullpen so ineffective? Well for one we have the ever porous Jeremy Affeldt who must have something on Giant management that is real good. Then Santiago Casilla was injured and that left a huge hole in the middle relief. Everyone else could be tired from filling in for the two I mentioned above, but they also are not pitching very well anyway.

Plus no one knows where they parked the dump truck.

Why did Angel Pagan have to get injured on an inside the park home-run? Because he is damn good that’s why!

Why is nobody else hitting but Buster Posey? Let me see, on account of swinging at bad pitches stupidly, hanging their heads after getting caught looking, and ridiculous base running mistakes. Oh did I mention absurd looking errors? Damn that was another question.

Why was Buster Posey batting out of order yesterday? Brain fart by the Giant coaching staff, which despite saying all the right things do seem to be at a loss about doing the right things, but that is why they are the brain trust, just ask congress.

Why is Giant management not making any moves to change the Giants mojo? The Giants were living a charmed life, especially at the tail end of last year, and luck is just as good as being good, right? The brass reasoned, we have talent, and the fans still come out to watch bad baseball, so there is nothing to fix. Except maybe the management, but they have all of the fans money.

Why is Brian Sabean not making deals? He is waiting till the Giants get closer to the trade deadline at the end of July and rightly so, but will the Giants even be relevant by then?

Why am I worried? Rex, give me another dog biscuit would you? CRUNCH! Thanks you really are man’s best friend.


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  1. Paul, I’m sorry for your troubles! As a Mets fan all of my life, I definitely feel your pain!

    And sorry, we just swept your guys! Hard to believe! Hang in. There’s still a lot of baseball to be played!


  2. Thank you Lisa you’re a good soul. If anyone can relate I believe it is you. At least it will be fun in New York this week.

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