Futures Game a Must-See


By Lisa R. Neilson

If you’re a Mets fan, then you’re all too familiar with the management’s mantra of how the future has become the focus of this team. The Wilpons and Sandy Alderson have failed to add any big names to the roster these last few seasons, whether because of financial burdens or merely poor decision making. This has forced fans to take a closer look at potential stars developing down on the farm teams.

On Sunday, July 14, at our own Citi Field, we’ll have the opportunity to watch three of these talented prospects participate in the 2013 Futures Game. The Futures Game was established in 1999 and has since grown in popularity; some say the matchup that pits the highest-touted minor league players against each other, dividing them into World and U.S. rosters, has become more anticipated than the somewhat frivolous Midsummer Classic we have all come to know. The Futures Game has been a rite of passage for a number of popular Mets, including David Wright, Jose Reyes, Matt Harvey, and Zack Wheeler.

Here’s the scoop on the Mets’ stars of tomorrow that we’ll be seeing at this year’s Futures Game:


Noah Snydergaard – He’s a right-handed pitcher with a triple digit fastball who will most likely start for the U.S. team. Mets fans are hopeful that Snydergaard will be part of a successful pitching rotation in the Biggies sooner rather than later.


Rafael Montero – Also a right-handed pitcher, Montero is slated to start for the World team, presenting an interesting matchup between these two future superstars. Montero has a 92-to-16 strikeout ratio between Double-A and Triple-A which highlights the control this guy has. He is expected to be the next pitcher the Mets graduate to the Majors.


Brandon Nimmo – He’s a centerfielder drafted out of Wyoming who beat out a number of minor league standouts on the Futures ballot. (This year, the final representative was chosen by the fans; all other players were selected by Baseball America magazine in conjunction with MLB, MLB Scouting Bureau and all 30 MLB teams.) Nimmo is hitting .273 with 1 HR and 21 RBIs over 48 games for Single-A Savannah.

Personally, I’m excited to watch this trio out on the diamond. They are part of the most talented ballplayers this game has ever seen. They will be surrounded by other top prospects in an All-Star atmosphere, showcasing their skills and letting us get to know them. While the HR derby and the 84th MLB All-Star game are still enjoyable despite all their ridiculous fanfare, the Futures Game presents an allure that makes us want to watch every pitch.

It’s the future of baseball. Don’t miss it.



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  1. I think this would be fun to see. I wonder if there might not be a way to pit the future stars against the stars of today in some way. Might give the recently stale All-Star game a little life.

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