Clint Hurdle’s Got ‘Em Believin’ in Pittsburgh


When Willie Stargell brought the Pittsburgh Pirates to the World Series over 40 years ago, the crowd’s theme song was ‘We are family’, and in 2013 Chris Hurdle has got the Pirates singing  again.


The Pittsburgh Pirates have a family oriented fan base, built from hard working people. They’re 2013 winning season may have raised the average ticket price from $34 to $49, but there are still plenty of $12 and $15 dollar seats. That’s a far cry from the average Yankee ticket of $350.00! No wonder Pirate Stadium has sold out the last five games. That’s the first time that’s happened in many years!

Of course becoming a contender, winning 50 games before All-Star break for the first time in close to 50 years, helps put fans in the seats and cheering at the home games. Believe it or not, fans cheering inspires players. Maybe Pittsburgh is onto something.

The Pirates are a mid-ranged team with a payroll under 80 million, and they’re getting a big bang for their buck.

Pitcher A.J. Burnett, who is on the last year of his 5 year contract is doing just okay as they’re highest paid star. On the average they are a young team with Right handed pitcher Gerrit Cole and All-Star Center fielder Andrew McCutchen. Lefty, Francisco Liriano is 35, but he’s having a break-out year. The Pirates bull pen is excellent, and knows they’re job is to save games.


With Clint Hurdle at the helm, and the excitement building in the fans and the players, the Pirates just might be giving them something to sing about. They are family!


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  1. I just wanted to say that it is so great to see this happening in Pittsburgh. Hopefully they will be able to carry it through September and into the playoffs. I think there are a lot more people rooting for the Pirates than many of us care to really admit. Very positive post Ken.

    • Paul, Thanks so much for your good words and support. I really appreciate it. You beat me to the punch again, as your article on the Giants was outstanding. You must be a professional writer of some sort because your posts are so innovative and unique. It gives the reader an interesting spin with a humorous slant. Well-done! I’m from the Bay area, living now in CT., but the Giants are breakin’ my heart! Keep up the good work and thanks again, Ken Perry

  2. Thanks Ken for the kind words, and as for our Giants, ouch I feel your pain as I am as baffled as Boch and Rags are. Hang in there Ken good work as usual.

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