Baseball Season Is Heating Up And So Are The Toronto Blue Jays

Things are starting to get interesting in baseball. Up until lately, you would have to be a true baseball fan to sit through most of the games, tearing your hair out and trying not to scream at the TV, “Let’s take this seriously guys, you are making millions of dollars to hit and catch the ball”.


Ten days ago the Toronto Blue Jays were in the dumpster. They weren’t even playing 500 baseball, with their record at a whopping 8 games under 500! That’s okay if you’re a minor league team, but this past April, everyone was on the Blue Jay bandwagon, betting that Toronto was going to win it all.


During the off season, manager John Gibbons (brought back to managing after John Farrell left for Boston), and the Blue Jay organization got serious. They picked up left handed pitcher Mark Buehrle, and the left handed (bats right), Josh Johnson from Miami. Then they picked up knuckleballer R.A.Dickey from the Mets, last year’s National League Cy Young winner.


The team wasn’t playing up to par, and Jose Reyes being on the DL was no excuse. But now the Blue Jays seem to have turned things around. They’re on a roll, after winning 11 straight games, Toronto is back in the game. Can they conquer the Mighty East?


Switch-hitting Jose Reyes, easily the best lead-off hitter in baseball, and the best defensive shortstop in the American League, will be back in the game by All-Star break. If ‘Joey Bats’, Jose Bautista can keep those home runs coming, and Melky Cabrera stays focused, Toronto will be a house on fire. Throw Edwin Encarnacion into the mix, ( he’s 3rd in the league in R.B.I.’s) and the Blue Jays will be giving The Big East a run for its money.


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  1. Hey Ken I think your comments on the Blue Jays are dead on correct. I the start of the year I thought they would contend. They got off to a rough start that’s true, but when the giants saw them each time the Jays looked anything but bad. I really think they have turned a corner.

    • Thanks for the comment. I was actually planning on dropping you a note today on your Oakland article. I was roaring with laughter, and the angle of taking it into court was fantastic. I’m from the Bay area so I know what you’re talking about and I always wanted to see someone tell Bud Selig what time it is. I really enjoyed the article. Thanks again for taking the time to send some support. Ken Perry

  2. LOL loved the Bud Selig line informing him what time it is, very funny. Anyway as for the feedback on your post it was my pleasure its a good read. And thanks Ken for the shout out I was absolutely sure everyone would pass on my novella so, I was glad you and others took the time.

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