I Hate Fantasy Baseball

spursBy Geary Kaczorowski

I hate the fantasy baseball league I’m involved in. I always have to root against my favorite teams. Like tonight, the Baltimore Orioles pitching staff is the pitching staff for my fantasy team and they won tonight 5-2, but the problem is they beat my hometown Detroit Tigers. I don’t like to see the Tigers lose but my fantasy team needs the points an Orioles win will give them. This sucks.

Then there’s the Hometown team, the Red Sox, who have a semi-solid 2.5 game lead over said Orioles. The Red Sox don’t need Baltimore winning. That’s just making the AL East a very tough division. The hated Yankees refuse to go away despite all their injuries and the Tampa Bay Rays have the potential to stay involved. Even the Toronto Blue Jays, whose season hasn’t gone exactly as planned, only sit 8 games out of first.

We’re fast approaching the half-way point of the season, a point at which we start to hear all the amped up chatter about which teams will be a buyer or seller before the trade deadline. I don’t know enough to bother trying to guess who needs what and who could fill that need. All I see is the Red Sox and Tigers in need of a closer.

The Red Sox lead the majors in runs scored, and their run differential is 3rd best in all of baseball, but with staff ace Jon Lester being less than dominant of late, and the closer question, the team isn’t the full package. They’re not too far away, but they do have work to do, and being in the AL East means never getting to take it easy, it’s the epitome of competitiveness.

It looks like the Tigers will give up on Jose Valverde being their closer and look around for someone that can wrap up the 9th inning without giving manager Jim Leyland a stroke. The Tigers are just 9 games over .500 despite having the second best run differential in the majors so it’s hard to fathom why they’re only 9 games over .500.

Maybe it’s because Victor Martinez hasn’t hit anywhere near his career average of .299, and if he ever gets it together in this comeback season he could really push the Tigers to a huge lead in the AL Central, so finding a closer might not be so important when you’re smacking the crap out of the ball.

Well I can’t believe I haven’t even mentioned a cooking show or serial killer series which is about all I watch when I’m not watching baseball, or basketball, or hockey. Go Bruins! Go Spurs!


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a life-long baseball fan that began, at the age of 54, to play organized baseball for the first time. i'm part of the cape cod over-35 league, playing second base and rightfield. i run my own web site development company as well as being the music director at wumd

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