Can Bruce Bochy Turn Things Around For The S.F. Giants?

It’s almost halfway through the 2013 season and the San Francisco Giants are barely playing 500 ball. Last year they beat the Detroit Tigers to take home the World Series trophy. What does manager Bruce Bochy need to do to turn things around?


They won last year with pitching and clutch hitting, but this year right hander Matt Cain, with a seven year contract, is missing in action. He’s having a terrible year. Tim Lincecum, back to back Cy Young winner in 2010 and 2011, was a disappointment in 2012. He isn’t doing any better this year. He can’t throw fast and hard consistently.With Sergio Romo, blowing save after save, maybe Bochy should think about putting Tim Lincecum in the Bull Pen. Sure he gets the salary of a starter, but baseball is about winning games. Why not take a look back  at history and how Dennis Eckersley, who became a closer with the Oakland A’s and became one of two pitchers in MLB history to have both a 20 win season, and a 50 save season career. John Smoltz was the other.


Becoming the third, is a great opportunity for Lincecum to remain relevant and use his talents for the Giants advantage.

With Buster Posey, one of the best catchers in baseball, and a superb hitter and all around player, as well as Hunter Pence the right fielder, and one of the only ‘let’s get down and dirty players’, with equal strength as a hitter, and fielder, the Giants still have a chance.


Saves are what pushes a team into the finals. It’s what makes Yankee Mariano Rivera so special.


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