Mariners fail to sweep again

Once again, the Seattle Mariners have failed to get a  sweep. They have had their chances this season, against the Astro’s, White Sox, and most recently this weekend against the A’s but the Mariners have failed to sweep again. 

Not getting a sweep may not seem like a big deal, considering the M’s still won the series but it’s just another embarrassing Mariner fact. We have not gotten a sweep anyone this season. Even teams like the Marlins and the Mets have gotten sweeps. But the Mariners once again fail to get one.

In a season filled with disappointments, like Jesus Montero and Dustin Ackley having to get sent down to Triple A and the bottom three pitchers of the M’s rotation constantly under performing you can just add the Mariners inability to sweep teams onto that list. 

If you want something to root for Mariner fans, root for the King, Kuma and Kyle Seager. Because at this point all other players are just disappointments, players on one year deals, or players who constantly seem to be on the DL. What a great year to be a Mariners fan. 


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  1. It has been a tough year for them Victor no doubt, but they have handled the A’s better than anyone for what little that may mean.

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