June Swoon

By Dave Ervin

I sit here in Father’s Day, 2013, basking in the joys of parenthood, pigging out on Father’s Day tacos, spending a nice, relaxing day with the fam and watching the Ranger’s get their butt handed to them for the sixth straight game.


The Rangers have made their Daddies mad

For the last three weeks, the Texas Rangers have sucked. Not “caught a few bad breaks” suck or even “playing a really tough schedule” suck, but pretty much “we are currently the worst team in baseball” suck. I can’t help but think that each of these player’s fathers are really disappointed in them. If I was their dad, I’d wear out their behind.  

How bad is it? The Rangers are about the get swept by a last place team at home. They’ve scored 6 runs in the last 55 innings. They are 4-12 so far in June and have fallen to at least 2 games out of first place (depending on what the A’s do today).  

No one seems to be able to hit the ball. And the injuries are piling up. Ian Kinsler, Mitch Moreland and Adrian Beltre have all spent time out due to injury. Jeff Baker, a diamond-in-the-rough find this offseason who has thus far been the team’s best bench player, recently sprained his thumb giving a high-five.

When asked about it, Nolan Ryan said “I don’t know what he has to high-five about.”

Three Rangers starters belong in Triple-A. Justin Grimm, Nick Tepesch and Josh Lindbloom have exceeded expectations, but you knew they would regress, and they have. Yu Darvish continues to dazzle on the mound, but the team just can’t seem to come through for him. He’s been stuck at 7-2 since mid-May. His last six games include six straight outings of six or more innings, five games in which he gave up two earned runs or less, one 14 strikeout game and exactly 0 wins. In fact, he’s 0-1 with 5 no decisions in that stretch.  That is unacceptable. The Rangers hitters should be ashamed.

The Rangers would be in the same position they are now if they had simply skipped Darvish’s last six starts, put their three best offensive players and their best bench player in a car and ran it into a brick wall, and forfeited 75% of their games.  That’s how bad it is.

Happy Father’s Day, Ranger’s fans. Here’s a big sack of doo-doo. I hope you like it.

On a brighter note, my third child, second son, is due any day. My wife and I are very blessed. That’s one of the great things about being a dad: When your team is playing so poorly you want to scream and throw the TV into the wall, you look at your kiddos and realize there’s more to life than sports.

Thank you, Violet, Jack and soon to be born, as of yet not 100% sure what your name will be son. Thank you for showing me that the outcome of a Ranger’s game just isn’t all that important. I just wish the Rangers didn’t feel the same way. 


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  1. Yeah Dave but what about the bad news, well you probably guessed it, the Oakland A’s won. On the plus side you do love what is most important first, and I loved your final two lines.

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