Jim Leyland And The Tigers Need A Closer To Get The Job Done


Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland, who has been grooming the team for the last 10 years, has the hard throwing starting pitching he needs to win a title.


The right handed throwers, Justin Verlander(also known as uber-model Kate Upton’s ex-boyfriend), Max Scherzer, and Doug Fister, are all in good shape and getting their job done. The problem comes in with their closer, Jose Valverde. Valverde has had trouble for the last two years. It’s getting hard to feel confident he will get the save, and when he does pull it out(like in Saturday’s win over the Indians),it’s not without trauma and peril. Valverde has been serving up too many home-runs, walks, and 79 mph split-finger pitches.


Detroit has the best offensive hitting team in baseball. We all know pitching and defense wins games, but still, they’ve got Miguel Cabrera, the 2012 Triple Crown phenom who is having yet another, Triple Crown season.

The Triple Crown is a rare event in baseball, at the end of the season a player must be leading the league in Home Runs, Runs Batted In, and have the highest Batting average. Miguel Cabrera was the first to achieve this feat since Carl Yastrzemski did it in 1967, for the Boston Red Sox. Ted Williams and Roger Hornsby won the title twice, but no one has ever accomplished back to back years.


Besides Cabrera, the Tigers are well supported by lead-off hitter, Alan Jackson in center field, Torii Hunter in right field, Prince Fielder at first base, and Victor Martinez as the designated hitter. It’s hard to stop this power hitting.


We’ll have to wait and see if Jim Leyland will make any trades before the All-Star deadline. With the Philadelphia Phillies having a mediocre season, Papelbon is being wasted. He’s carrying a four-year contract, worth about $12 million a year, but the Tigers have money, and if they want a title they shouldn’t they think about scooping up Papelbon?


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