Mike Matheny Has The Cardinals Coming On Strong

When 41 year old Mike Matheny was chosen as the successor for the St. Louis Cardinals beloved veteran Tony LaRussa, many people were shocked. Previously, Mike had just been an instructor for the minor leagues and a team leader for LaRussa. Tony LaRussa  had managed over 2,500 games for the Cardinals, in and out of Busch Stadium.

Mike Methany
It is true that while Mike was a catcher for the Cardinals he won three Golden Gloves. Still, choosing Mike over Terry Francona, or second base Hall of Famer, Ryan Sandberg,  or long time Cardinal coach Jose Oquendo , seemed like a big risk.

So far, Mike has proven the neigh-sayers wrong. Right now the Cardinals have the number one record in all of baseball. With much of his bull pen being shut down, Mike is managing to push forward. Lefty pitcher Jamie Garcia, relief pitcher Jason Mott, and starter Jake Westbrook are all on the Disabled List.Adam Wainwright

It’s not surprising that 6’7”, right handed starting pitcher Adam Wainwright, is coming on strong. The Cardinals seem to have aces up their sleeve.  Starting pitcher Lance Lynn has turned out to be a gem.Lance Lynn

Right fielder Carlos Beltran, at 36 years old, is still getting the job done, and Yadier Molina (Jose Molina’s brother), rivals Giants catcher Buster Posey in the National League.Carlos Beltran

Matt Carpenter at second base is having a break-out year, and first baseman Allen Craig is dependable and solid. It doesn’t seem that the decision to let Albert Pujols go to the Angels has been detrimental.

We’ll check in again with the Cardinals at All-Star break and keep you posted.


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